Dhruv Tara Upcoming Story: Tara to get insulted by Sushila?


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Sab TV launched a brand new show named Dhruv Tara starring Riya Sharma and Ishaan Dhawan. The first episode has been aired and the storyline is unique, something which the audience never experienced before.

A love story which will combine two people belong to different culture and generations will entertain the audience and will leave an impact on them.

Princess Tara Priya wants to fulfil her ambition and her brother Mahaveer is supporting her though their father is unaware of that. There Dhurv is a doctor who has his own agenda of living a life. How these two will come together that will be interesting to watch.

In previous episode, Dhruv asks his grandparents what are they hiding from him. They tell him to have dinner with his family when he is about to go to his room. There Tara gets stuck in the washroom and gets wet by accidentally opening the shower and screams. Dhruv goes to check but his grandfather distracts him.

Later Dhruv’s grandmother Vidya gives clothes to Tara and asks her to change. Tara finds one part of her earring and she wonders how it came here. She also notices a doctor’s uniform.

There Sushila takes Vidya outside and locks Dhruv’s room door. As a result Tara gets stuck there and hides under Dhruv’s bed seeing him entering the room. Dhruv shouts at his sister for keeping wet dupatta on his bed but they reply it doesn’t belong to them.

Later Tara feels awkward seeing Dhruv changing his clothes. Vidya sleeps in Dhruv’s room by making excuses to safeguard Tara. Tara falls asleep under the bed at night.

In future episodes viewers will see Sushila will warn Tara to stay away from Dhruv. He will apply color on Tara’s face during Holi. She will try to do the same but will fail.

How will Dhruv convince Sushila?

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