Dhruv Tara Upcoming Story: Tara’s demand to anger Mahaveer?


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Sab TV launched a brand new show named Dhruv Tara starring Riya Sharma and Ishaan Dhawan. The first episode has been aired and the storyline is unique, something which the audience never experienced before.

A love story which will combine two people belong to different culture and generations will entertain the audience and will leave an impact on them. Princess Tara Priya wants to fulfil her ambition and her brother Mahaveer is supporting her though their father is unaware of that.

There Dhurv is a doctor who has his own agenda of living a life. How these two will come together that will be interesting to watch.

In previous episode, Tara tries to find out why the Nabrang Forest attracts her and why it’s cursed. Later she gets prepared to control the unstable horse. She assures the king that she can do it as Mahaveer trained her properly. She recalls how her brother told her not to lose this challenge as it’s important to fulfil her dream to become a Vaidya.

Tara figures out why the horse named as Badal is getting restless. Because it’s feet is injured. She takes out the sharp thing and the latter stops jumping around. King and everyone get happy to see that.

Samrat learns that Mahaveer is not taking his poisonous medicine. Tara demands from King that Mahaveer should marry his beloved Anusia. King makes an announcement and Mahaveer scolds Tara for not granting a wish for her own dream. She says she wants to unite two lovers first.

There Mahaveer suddenly faints in between the celebration and Tara gets shocked. The Vaidya says he has brain tumor and he can’t live long as the treatment is not possible. In different generation Dhruv introduces the surgery to cure brain tumor.

In future episodes viewers will see Tara will decide to go to the advanced world where the medical treatment to cure her brother is available.

Dhruv will be shown as a doctor who found the remedy to operate tumors in brain. Tara will learn only Nabrang Forest can take her to the different world. Later Samrat will trap Tara to marry him against her will.

How will Tara meet Dhruv?

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