Dil Diyaan Gallaan 10th March 2023 Written Update: Maan gets impressed seeing Veer’s honesty


The episode starts with Dilpreet calling Veer and warns him about Kuku’s threat that he wants Dilpreet to denounce Maan so he lied to Kuku that he will do so. But in real he won’t do that, he tells Veer to inform Maan and his family immediately to leave the village after the celebration else Kuku might bring trouble for them. But Dilpreet gets shocked knowing Nimrit picked Dilpreet’s call in Veer’s phone.

Nimrit says she heard everything and she will tell Veer everything. Veer comes to Nimrit and asks her why Dilpreet called him? Nimrit lies to him that Dilpreet just asked if everything is okay. Veer goes to call Dilpreet and Nimrit gets nervous thinking if Maan learns that Dilpreet wants to help him then father son will get united and it will be bad for her own family. Before Veer can call Dilpreet a lady talks to him. Amrita slips and Veer holds her in his arms. They share an eye lock and Ria feels jealous seeing them. Ria asks Nimrit that why she lied to Veer. That was not good. Nimrit says she did it for her family’s sake.

Nimrit tells everyone to start dancing. There Kuku waits for Dilpreet to perform last rites of Maan and thinks if Dilpreet fooled them. Sukhi comes and says Kushwant sent him to give them an idea. Sukhi takes Kuku and his men with him. There everyone dances and Amrita tells Sanjot that she believes Dilpreet will also join them. Sanjot dances with Maan and Randeep feels jealous seeing them. Randeep drinks alcohol and he asks Sanjot why she never enjoys with him in the same way she is enjoying with Maan.

Randeep dances with Sanjot and everyone laughs seeing his weird steps. Dilpreet goes to see at the celebration if everything is fine there or not. Sanjot introduces Astha to the guests. Nimrit feels jealous hearing Astha looks younger than her. Nimrit speaks in foreign English and asks the waiter to give her juice. He gets confused but Astha explains him what Nimrit meant.

Nimrit tries to offer the juice to Sanjot but Astha says Sanjot is allergic to it. Sanjot asks her how she knows about it. Astha says Maan talks about his mother a lot even in abroad. So she got to know many things about Sanjot. She also learned about Holi festival and how it’s celebrated here. Sanjot says she is happy to have her both daughter in laws this Holi. Maan talks to Veer and says he can see Veer has feelings for Amrita very clearly. Maan says if Veer can leave Dilpreet to stay with Amrita. Because his daughter can’t stay with Dilpreet.

Veer says he loves Amrita a lot but he can’t betray Dilpreet for her. Dilpreet accepted an orphan and he doesn’t want the history to be repeated like what happened in Maan’s case. Veer leaves and Maan shares with Amrita what he told Veer. Veer didn’t agree to leave Dilpreet for Amrita but insulted Maan. Maan smiles saying Veer is a nice human being and any girl will be lucky to have him.

Amrita says but Ria loves Veer and she doesn’t want to come between them. Ria doesn’t need to sacrifice her love. Maan says they can find a solution of this issue. Amrita says her and Veer’s paths are different and they have no future so it would be better they don’t get united. She doesn’t want him to leave Dilpreet because of her. Maan hugs Amrita and feels proud that she is dealing with this pain all alone.

Precap- Kuku comes to the celebration and calls out Maan. He declares in front of all that Dilpreet wants to denounce him. Maan gets shocked hearing that.