Dil Diyaan Gallaan 11th March 2023 Written Update: Dilpreet meets Astha for the first time


The episode starts with Dilpreet calling Nimrit if Maan left the village with his family. Nimrit says Amrita adamantly said she won’t leave but will face Kuku and his men. Dilpreet tells her to make them understand that it’s not time to show bravery but they should save themselves from the chaos. Nimrit says she will talk to Amrita again and will tell her to leave with family. Nimrit says she won’t inform Amrita anything as she knows they won’t leave that easily. She just wants Randeep and Ria’s happiness by separating Maan and Dilpreet. Kuku tells his men to go to Maan to teach him lesson for all his betrayal.

There Sanjot requests Maan to take blessings from Dilpreet before leaving for America. He is his father thus he should show some respect to him. Maan agrees. There Dilpreet gets restless thinking why Sanjot is not coming out of the celebrations yet. Astha talks to someone about a needy patient and he calls her from behind to ask about Sanjot. He thinks Astha is one of the guests. Astha hears his name and gets emotional. She covers her head and touches his feet. He blesses her and she is about to give her introduction that she is Maan’s wife but one couple cries for their infant who cant breathe properly. Astha rushes to the baby and gives mouth to mouth breathing. Baby starts crying and the couple thank Astha. Kuku reaches there with his men. He calls out Maan.

Nimrit goes to Maan and says she wants to talk to him urgently. Nimrit lies to him that Kuku threatened Dilpreet to fire Maan’s funeral pyre else they will throw Dilpreet out of the village. Thus Dilpreet agreed to perform Maan’s last rites. Maan gets shocked hearing that. There Dilpreet asks Astha who is she? Astha says she is Doctor Astha Mandeep Brar. His daughter in law. Dilpreet stands shocked hearing. Kuku says to Maan he made all the arrangements for his funeral pyre. Dilpreet himself promised he will fire Maan’s funeral pyre so now he can’t back out. Sanjot says no father can be this much cruel towards his son. Maan says maybe Kuku is right and why Dilpreet would give him blessings when he doesn’t even want him to live.

Maan says he was never useful for Dilpreet so today he will fulfil this wish of him. He gets ready to fire his own funeral pyre. There Astha tells Dilpreet she is the reason why he and Maan got separated. Dilpreet ignores her and there the couple gives their introduction to Dilpreet that they are his relatives. They ask him to respect Astha because she is no less than a Goddess.

Astha says she will prescribe some medicine for the baby. There Maan heads towards his funeral pyre with the fire torch. Randeep tries to stop him but Nimrit says he should not take risk as villagers are angry. Maan burns his photo and the pyre and breaks down. Sanjot cries for him and he says he fulfilled Dilpreet’s unfinished work finally. Villagers say Satnaam Wahi Guru.

Precap- Harvinder comes with his wife and baby and tells Rupy that Astha saved his child. Sanjot shouts at the villagers and tells them to thank Astha at once before leaving.