Dil Diyaan Gallaan 14th March 2023 Written Update: Ria demands explanations from Maan


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The episode starts with Astha asking Maan where is he going in early morning. Maan says he doesn’t want to stay in a place where people don’t want them to stay. Amrita asks what about her passport problem. Maan says he found a solution of that issue. They can go to Amritsar till the passport problem is solved.

Amrita and Astha ask him but why he is in hurry. Amrita says they can atleast celebrate the Holi with the family. Maan can meet Dilpreet. She requests him to stay in the village but he shouts at her. He says she shouldn’t get involved in elders’ matters. He is not a kid and he very well knows Amrita burnt her passport knowingly so that he can meet Dilpreet but after yesterday’s incident he doesn’t want to meet him.

He wants to leave the place immediately and he called the cab already. He asks them to get ready. Amrita asks Astha now how will they unite Maan and Dilpreet as the yesterday incident has changed the whole scenario. Amrita tells Astha to put effort to unite Maan and his father by being stubborn to go to her sasural. Maan can’t leave like that.

Ria asks Veer why he wants to go to Australia. He says he needs money to save Dilpreet’s house. Ria says they can take Dilpreet and Sanjot to anywhere else if the house gets sold. He says they won’t be able to live peacefully in other place and it will kill them from inside.

They have memories in this house, they are mentally attached to this place so it won’t be easy for Dilpreet to leave his house. So he will deal with this truth that Veer is away from them but if they leave the house Dilpreet will lose everything. Ria asks Veer then what about his own pain. Will he be able to stay without Darji and Biji.

Veer says he is sad about that but he can’t change his decision. He leaves and Nimrit overhears everything. Nimrit tells Ria to let Veer go to Australia. She should go there too. Ria says Darji won’t be able to handle the truth that Veer left India. Veer should change his mind. Nimrit puts all the blame on Maan and Ria gets furious. Ria goes after Maan to accuse him.

Astha goes to Maan and tells her decision to him that she wants to stay with Biji for last few days in India before leaving. She wants to celebrate Holi with her as she never saw the celebration before. She can’t miss the chance as she is not sure when she will come to India again.

Maan tells her not to act filmy as reel and real life are different. Dilpreet won’t welcome her in Brar House but will close the door on her face like last time. Maan says how can she forget the insult they faced. He says Dilpreet even sent Amrita to jail and didn’t even try to get her out. Maan says if Astha wants to get humiliated then she can go there to stay with Biji.

Astha still refuses to change her mind and Maan orders Amrita to sit inside car. She says she wants to stay back for Holi. Maan scolds Amrita and she gets inside the car. Astha says she will go to Amritsar during the flight time.

Ria comes in front of Maan’s car and starts accusing him for Veer’s decision of going to Australia. She says only Maan is responsible for Dilpreet’s situation. He tore the recommendation file in anger and then he had to mortgage the house to get the machines as Kushwant burnt those to take revenge from Maan.

Now Maan will help Dilpreet get out of this situation. Veer should not leave his Darji. Maan says Dilpreet didn’t mortgage the house after asking him, and he tore the file on his own so why everyone is blaming Maan. He says he knows Dilpreet won’t take his help as he refused to accept the recommendation file.

Maan says he knows his father well and he is egoistic. Ria blames Maan and misbehaves with him but Amrita stops her. Maan says there’s no point to ask Dilpreet to take his help. So he leaves with Amrita then and there. Ria looks on.

Precap- Veer informs Dilpreet he is leaving for abroad for job. Dilpreet thinks Maan did all these and he won’t see his face again for manipulating Veer. Nimrit informs him about Astha’s welcoming ceremony by Biji in the Brar House.

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