Dil Diyaan Gallaan 18th March 2023 Written Update: Maan faces financial crisis


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The episode starts with Sanjot getting happy to know Maan is ready to help his parents. He will give money to Randeep and the latter will give it to Dilpreet. Sanjot still gets upset because everyone will celebrate after saving the haveli but Maan will not be allowed to join the celebration. He won’t get his deserved credit. Randeep gives Shrikhand to Maan who is waiting outside. Maan enjoys eating that and says he is really happy for Astha as she is finally receiving love in her sasural. He calls Veer and tells him to come to Harneet’s house. Randeep sees Maan left and he thinks where he went. Amrita tells Sanjot first of all Dilpreet’s problem should get resolved and he should not know from where did he get the money else he would never save his haveli taking Maan’s money.

Sanjot says but Dilpreet will keep blaming Maan all his life. Amrita cheers her up and tells her to celebrate Holi with her family instead of worrying. Nimrit informs Dilpreet that their haveli will be saved from getting sold as Randeep arranged that money. She acts like Randeep loves his father a lot and finally he proved his love for him. Dilpreet gets happy to know that. Maan tells Veer that he talked to the Australian Agent and said Veer wont accept the job offer. Veer gets shocked and asks him why he did that. He needs the job immediately.

Maan says Veer should not betray Dilpreet by any means. He should not become another Maan for him. Veer says he decided to come back after five years. Maan says he also went there with the same plan but couldn’t come back. He doesn’t want Veer to commit the same mistake he did. Veer asks why he wants to save the family despite his tassel with Dilpreet. Maan says he wants Randeep to be in good book of Dilpreet and he also wants to save the house as there are several memories and he is attached to it. Veer gets emotional hearing that.

There Randeep tells the agent to name the house in Dilpreet’s name. He leaves and Nimrit stops the agent. She offers him money and says the haveli should be transferred to her name. She promises to give bangles to his wife. He agrees to do her work and says this will be a secret between both of them only. Nimrit drops her pan card by mistake. Amrita picks it up and asks the agent why he is holding pan card of Nimrit.

There Maan talks to a person who warns him about his savings. As he already transferred maximum amount of money to the Maan Hospital and now the rest he is giving to his brother. He should think about the future problems. Maan says he is not worried about the future. The person tells him as sentimental fool and a true indian who likes to give things to others instead of keeping it. Astha calls Maan and says she is happy that he helped his father by giving money. Now she loves him more.

Maan talks romantically with Astha and Sanjot comes there. Astha feels awkward seeing her and Sanjot closes her ears and tells them to continue. Astha then gives the phone to Sanjot and she asks Maan if he has enough money in his accounts because he is just like his father selfless and helpful. He might have hidden the financial crisis from his family. Maan hides the truth from Sanjot and there Nimrit takes her pan card from Amrita and sends her away. She scolds the agent for being careless about an important work. She threatens him and he leaves after assuring her that he will do her work. Nimrit says the huge haveli will be hers and she is the happiest right now.

Episode ends

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