Dil Diyaan Gallaan 1st March 2023 Written Update: Amrita pleads Dilpreet to allow Sanjot to see Maan


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The episode starts with Sanjot welcoming Astha happily by performing her aarti at doorstep. Astha takes her and Param’s blessings. Sanjot says she wanted to welcome her in their own house but never mind as she believes things will get better with time. Sanjot goes to prepare food with Param. Astha tells Amrita that she got peace after hugging Sanjot. Amrita says wish Maan could stay here in Harneet’s house with them as well. But Sanjot can’t see his face. Adi says he has an idea by which Maan can stay here. Like how last time Amrita lost her passport and she had to stay back in India. Now also they can burn the passport to stop Maan here. Amrita says she can’t lie to her father again using his stupid idea. She says they are leaving tomorrow and before that she will question Dilpreet why he forced Sanjot to make such a promise that she can’t even see her son. Nimrit says she wants to see Maan who ruined their lives. Randeep asks her to calm down. Dilpreet argues with Harneet for giving shelter to Maan. Harneet says he is not their enemy so why can’t he help him? Amrita comes and blames Dilpreet for separating a mother from her son. How can he give swear to Sanjot to not see Maan’s face. She refused to see her son’s face but he couldn’t leave his ego for her sake.

She says atleast once he can free Sanjot from her promise so that she can see his face before he leaves. Ria interferes saying how dare Amrita accuse her grandfather. Amrita says he is her grandfather too and he has the right to question him. Dilpreet stops Ria from getting into an argument and tells Amrita that he is sorry for calling the police without knowing about the real culprit but he is not sorry for the things he has done to Maan. He asks Amrita not to lecture him but she should act her age. She says he cant get away saying this only. He has to allow Sanjot to break her promise so that she can see Maan before he leaves. Darji goes to his room ignoring her request. Ria gets into an argument with Amrita. Amrita says she wants to teach her manners as she misbehaved with Maan and now she is doing this to her too. Ria says she said the right thing to Maan, why he came back after destroying Randeep’s life. If he wants to see his poor condition. Amrita says her father doesn’t find happiness in other’s pain. But Ria doesn’t care for Sanjot at all that’s why she can’t see her suffering. Ria shouts at her saying she cares for Sanjot equally. Sanjot comes back and shuts them both for behaving immaturely. She tells them to leave.

Dilpreet taunts Sanjot for trying to give lesson to Ria and Amrita as she herself talked to his enemy and forgot her promise to her husband. She must be planning to go to abroad as well. Sanjot says how can he think like this? She can’t think of leaving him but he did wrong by mortgaging the house. Dilpreet gets surprised to hear that and leaves without responding. He gets upset. There Veer and Maan go to prove Kushwant the culprit behind the fire accident in the warehouse. Kushwant says he won’t spare Maan for betraying his sister. His sister and mother left the village because of him. He wants revenge from Maan. Maan says he doesn’t consider Kushwant eligible to get any explanations. He is about to leave but Kushwant says how he beat up Dilpreet and made him bleed. He got injured and it was really fub to beat him up. Maan asks him if he is telling the truth? Kushwant shamelessly says obviously.

Precap- Maan enters the lock up and says he will teach lesson to Kushwant for beating his father. He punches Kushwant.

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