Dil Diyaan Gallaan 20th January 2023 Written Update: Veer collects proofs against Rocky Singh

Dil Diyaan Gallaan 20th January 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Veer asking Amrita for marriage and says if she wants to stay with him forever? Amrita feels nervous and he starts laughing. He says he was just kidding but she looks really scared. Amrita runs after him to beat him and his hand gets injured. She shows concern to him and tries to comfort him. He says she is worried seeing his small wound then if he gets a big injury how would she react. They get lost in each other’s eyes, Ria and Dilpreet reach there. Astha recalls Amrita’s request and Maan asks her what happened. She gives him the NOC papers and tells him to sign it. He asks her how did she get the papers? She says she asked for it from the bank manager.

Maan leaves the table angrily and asks Astha why she brought the papers. He shows his disappointment as to why Randeep didn’t call him once. She says Maan too didn’t call him so he should not stretch the matter but should call Randeep on his own. Randeep needs money so he should keep aside his ego and call his younger brother first. Maan recalls in childhood also he used to fulfil Randeep’s all demands. Maan tells Astha that he still won’t sign the papers. Dilpreet tells Veer that he is here to find Rocky Singh as well. Rocky Singh arrives with two of his friends and Dilpreet leaves with Veer asking Ria and Amrita to wait.

Ria asks Amrita about the sign on the NOC. Amrita calls Astha to know what is the update. Astha says she tried convincing Maan a lot but he didn’t listen to her. Later Astha tells Amrita to send Ria’s picture to her which can convince Maan maybe. Dilpreet waits for Rocky being impatient. Kushwant’s spy keeps eyes on Dilpreet and Veer. Rocky comes to them and Dilpreet gets irked. Veer says they came here to give him the commission for transferring the dollars. Dilpreet talks to Rocky and diverts his attention. Veer does something with his phone. Kushwant’s spy notices Veer and Dilpreet in Rocky’s house. He also sees Ria and Amrita. He informs Kushwant about it. There Kushwant reaches Lucky’s house and questions him about professor Dungar Pal’s identity. He asks if Veer is Dungar Pal. He beats up Lucky and the latter falls unconscious.

Astha asks Maan to have food but the latter denies. Astha says why he is upset with her for the papers. She asks him to burn the NOC if he is so angry. He notices Ria’s photo in the file which Astha knowingly drops. Maan learns that Randeep wants to pay Ria’s college fees so he wants the money urgently. Randeep thinks because of Maan’s ego Ria’s fees is not submitted yet. Nimrit says her job is in danger too and Randeep couldn’t even get the sign of Maan on the NOC. If the landlord sells the land then they will have to come back to Hosiyarpur. Randeep says he doesn’t see any solution. There Rocky gets alert and shouts at Veer. Dilpreet punches him for his act, there Veer takes all the proofs against Rocky.

Amrita gets happy to hear that Dilpreet cares for Maan when he says he misunderstood his son because of Rocky. Later Kushwant’s men hold knife near Amrita and Ria’s necks. They threatens Veer and Dilpreet.

Precap- Amrita, Ria, Veer and Dilpreet fight Kushwant’s men. One of them tries to stab Amrita but Veer gets stabbed instead when he comes to save her.

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