Dil Diyaan Gallaan 28th February 2023 Written Update: Maan and Kushwant come face to face


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The episode starts with Amrita asking Maan if he is hurt by Sanjot’s words. Maan says he is not feeling bad, instead he is happy as after so many years she scolded him and claimed her right over him. He can’t ignore her request. Amrita gets happy to know that. She asks him if he will stay back then? He says he will but he blames Dilpreet for separating him from his mother. It didn’t fulfil any good purpose. Dilpreet shouldn’t have thrown him out, atleast he could have seen his mother properly. Amrita says she knows Dilpreet and he can’t send her to jail but Kushwant is the one who conspired against them. Maan recognises him and tells Amrita to leave. Maan says he cant believe Kushwant took revenge from him by sending his daughter to jail. He will now show him what a father can do for his daughter’s safety. He determines to teach Kushwant a lesson.

Kushwant is about to leave from his hideout but Veer kicks him. He beats up his men angrily saying how dare they try to trouble his family. He punches Kushwant and adds the latter took them for granted. He can’t get away easily after hurting his Darji. He should be scared of God. Veer gets caught by one of his men and Kushwant tells him to stay in limits else there will be consequences. One guy holds Veer at gunpoint and the latter asks him if he wants to go to jail after killing him. Kushwant tells Veer they can’t kill him but they can make him disabled forever. He is about to shoot on his leg but Maan hits Kushwant from behind.

Maan says Amrita’s father is here to support her. Kushwant tries to attack him but the latter stops him. Maan calls the cops to arrest Kushwant and his men for trying to trap Amrita. Veer beats Sukhi saying he tried killing Amrita many times and he won’t spare him for that. Maan stops Veer and asks him to control his anger. Kushwant gets arrested and before leaving he threatens Maan saying he will teach him lesson for ruining his sister’s life. He will return soon and will take his revenge from Maan. Maan shouldn’t have come here. Veer gets happy seeing Maan. Nimrit gets shocked seeing Dilpreet’s injured condition. Randeep reveals though Kushwant injured Dilpreet but Maan brought the sadness on his face. Maan is in India right now. Nimrit gets shocked hearing that. Randeep says he felt like slapping Maan for his accusations.

Randeep says Maan didn’t hug him after all these years but held him by his collar. Nimrit says Maan changed after going to USA. After some time Randeep says he feels Maan is angry because Amrita was in jail. He should say sorry to Maan for hurting him earlier. Nimrit stops him saying if Maan comes back here then they will get nothing from the property. They are suffering because of him and now if Maan and Dilpreet get united then Randeep will get nothing in the end. She tells him to become selfish for his own family. He can’t let Maan and Dilpreet unite. Randeep gets call and the landlord says he will give back the advance money to him as they can’t wait for him to buy the house anymore. There Dilpreet asks Ria where is Sanjot. Harneet comes and says Sanjot is making arrangements with Param to welcome Maan and Astha. Dilpreet gets surprised to know that.

Episode ends

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