Dil Diyaan Gallaan 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Veer and Maan thrash Kushwant


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The episode starts with Kushwant telling Maan how he beat up Dilpreet. He was bleeding. Maan sends the cops to have a some tea or coffee. Maan and Veer enter the lock up and Maan says Dilpreet’s son is still alive and how dare he beat his father. Maan teaches lesson to Kushwant and his men by thrashing them. Veer also beats them up in the absence of the cops. Later Maan tells Veer he didn’t beat someone for long. Veer says he wants to become hero like him. They sit together to drink alcohol. Some villagers notice Maan didn’t leave the village yet. Veer asks him if he is leaving tomorrow without meeting Sanjot. Maan replies he wanted to meet her but destiny doesn’t want that maybe. He has to leave with heavy heart. Veer says Amrita would have been the happiest if he met Sanjot. Maan asks him he really cares about Amrita. Veer hides his real feelings from him.

Ria apologises to Sanjot for talking rudely with Amrita as the latter was taunting Dilpreet constantly. Sanjot enters Maan’s closed room and Ria asks her not to do that else Dilpreet will get angry. Sanjot says she wants to spend some alone time in the room with Maan’s memories. She sees his photos and gets emotional. She asks God why he is testing her all the time. She recalls her promise to Dilpreet. There Amrita shares her plan with Adi that she wants Sanjot and Maan to bump into each other accidentally by tonight. As they are leaving tomorrow. Adi likes her idea. Veer asks Maan if he can drop him to Harneet’s house. Maan say he can manage its his own village, he knows the path. Amrita calls Veer and informs him about her plan to unite Sanjot and Maan. Veer gets ready to help her in her mission.

Amrita tells Adi that he has to fight with Veer. Maan will come to save him and Sanjot will come to save Veer. In this way Sanjot and Maan will meet. Adi says that’s a bad idea. Amrita says Sanjot will get impressed to see how he united her with her son. Adi gets ready finally and there Nimrit practices to talk in USA accent and Amrita Adi go to meet Veer. Nimrit wonders why they want to meet Veer. Ria requests Sanjot to come out of the room else Darji can catch her anytime. Dilpreet finds Sanjot inside Maan’s room and he also sits with her in the room. He says he used to get so happy seeing Maan here. He has lots of memories here, Sanjot asks him how can he mortgage the house. He says he didn’t decide it knowingly, she says it happened because he tore the file Maan sent him. Dilpreet says he will get favour from Maan, Sanjot says both of them are stubborn but they forgot she gets hurt because of their separation. Dilpreet says he will handle the situation somehow. Sanjot gets upset and Dilpreet says he cant forgive Maan. Sanjot says as he wishes, she will tolerate all his mistakes as she is his wife. Sanjot locks the door and leaves. He says he knows she is upset as he stopped her from meeting her son but he is thinking from his own perspective. He will never forgive that betrayer Maan.

Precap- The villagers ask Dilpreet to perform last rites of Maan to prove he has no relation with him.

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