Dil Diyaan Gallaan 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Nimrit provokes Ria to separate Sanjot and Maan


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The episode starts with Nimrit asking Ria why she is not doing anything save her relationship with Veer. Why Amrita went to meet Veer. She says when Amrita will get out of Veer’s life then only Ria will get the chance to win him. Ria says she will plan something. Nimrit goes to check Astha’s room and gets surprised seeing imported stuffs. She thinks why Astha is wearing Sanjot’s bangles. Astha shows her face and Nimrit recognises her. She recalls she talked to Astha before as well via video call who helped Randeep by giving him advance money. Before Astha could see Nimrit. She leaves and there Amrita introduces Adi to Veer. She says they have to fight for her sake. They need to do this to unite Maan and Sanjot. Amrita tells them to act like they both are in love with her. Veer says it’s not false but true only. Adi asks Veer when did this happen. Amrita holds Veer’s hand and requests him to help her else Maan will never be able to meet Sanjot.

Randeep receives warning to take back his money and leave the idea of buying new house. Nimrit bumps into Ria and tell her about Astha’s truth. She says Astha only helped Randeep by borrowing him money without his knowledge that she is his bhabhi. If Randeep learns that Astha is the one who helped him then he will be grateful towards her and will sacrifice everything for her. They can’t let that happen. Nimrit says they have to stop the reunion of Maan and Sanjot. Ria says but Amrita is trying to unite them.

Nimrit gets call from the landlord who says he sold the house to someone else as Randeep was unable to pay the money. Ria feels that Nimrit is right if Maan and Astha come back to house then Randeep will suffer like before. There Maan gets delighted seeing Harneet’s house and Astha teases him. Param welcomes him to have food as she prepared many dishes for him. Maan senses as if Sanjot made all these for him. Param says yes and he sits to eat the food. He eats them just how Sanjot used to feed him before. He says last time he ate from her hands one night before going to New York.

He eats being emotional and Sanjot also misses him. She thinks wish she could meet him. Dilpreet notices her pain and thinks he is feeling bad for her but he has no choice. He cant let Maan stay here after everything he did to him. There Sanjot cries and the villagers start asking Dilpreet that he took advantage of their goodness. The old man says he borrowed him money for Maan’s studies and never asked it back from him. Now why Dilpreet is letting Maan and Astha stay in the village and even a guy has also come to stay here. Dilpreet says what he can do about it. They ask him to perform Maan’s last rites to prove that the latter means nothing to him. Dilpreet and his family get shocked hearing that.

Precap- Maan tells Randeep to get out of his sight. Randeep says Maan came from abroad he is an outsider so he should leave. Maan pushes him and the latter falls downstairs accidentally. Maan fails to save him and Nimrit gets shocked

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