Dil Diyaan Gallaan 4th March 2023 Written Update: Nimrit accuses Maan for ruining Randeep’s life


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The episode starts with Kuku asking Dilpreet why he is hiding the truth from the villagers. He says Dilpreet in real solved his issues with Maan. He reveals about Astha and Randeep says they don’t have any relation with them. Kuku says Sanjot went to save her daughter in law as well. Kuku and his father say that if Dilpreet wants to prove he has cut ties with Maan then he has to perform his last rites. Kuku says if Dilpreet doesn’t do that by tomorrow then there will be consequences. Sanjot drops the plate in shock, Veer tells Amrita over call that she was right that Maan and Sanjot should get united. Ria overhears that. Sanjot pleads Dilpreet not to take such a heartless step by performing his alive son’s last rites. She breaks down to tears and Dilpreet leaves the room.

Sanjot thinks wish she could end the differences between Maan and his father. Nimrit tells Ria that luckily Randeep didn’t see Astha’s face else they would have been in trouble. Randeep enters room and asks Nimrit what she is talking about? She hides the truth about Astha and Randeep says he can understand when she is lying. He forces her to reveal what she is hiding. Ria says Astha is the one who borrowed him money in his need from America. Randeep gets surprised knowing that and gets happy that Astha is his bhabhi who helped him as well. Nimrit says they were in crisis because of Maan’s family. Randeep adds but Astha helped him to get out of trouble. He goes to thank her. Nimrit scolds Ria for telling the truth to Randeep. Ria says she didn’t want her parents to fight. Nimrit says she will never tell her anything. Ria says Veer went to execute the plan with Amrita and Nimrit tells her to stop Maan from meeting Sanjot.

There Amrita tells Veer and Adi to start fighting. Amrita calls Maan and Sanjot to stop their fight. She acts like she is panic stricken. They agree to come and Amrita tells Veer and Adi to make their fight look realistic. She punches them too and apologises. There Ria stops Maan in midway and asks him to go to Randeep as he went to meet Astha angrily. Maan goes there and Amrita thinks why Maan is not coming till now. Ria calls Nimrit saying she listened to her advise and lied to Maan. Nimrit says she told her to tell lie for her family’s happiness only. Randeep gets teary meeting Astha. He says he will always be grateful towards her for sending her money. He touches her feet and she stops him. She also gets delighted seeing Ria. Nimrit comes there and on the other side Sanjot stops Veer and Adi’s fight. She says Veer never fights with anyone without any reason. She gives swear to Veer and asks him to reveal the truth. He says they thought they can unite Sanjot and Maan with this drama. Amrita says it was her plan only, they are not at fault. She says she wanted Sanjot to meet Maan as they are leaving tomorrow. She requests Sanjot to see Maan once. Sanjot says if destiny wants then they will surely come face to face but for that noone needs to fight. Sanjot tells Amrita to go home and Veer takes Sanjot back home. Amrita thinks why Maan didn’t come here.

Astha tells Nimrit that she is glad to meet her. Nimrit says but they are not happy seeing her. She says her dreams didn’t get fulfilled because of Maan. They couldn’t buy new home, why Maan sent them fake jewels? He could have declined at first. Astha gets shocked hearing the accusations. Nimrit says Maan ruined Randeep’s life and that’s the truth.

Episode ends

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