Dil Diyaan Gallaan 9th February 2023 Written Update: Maan scolds Amrita for lying


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The episode starts with Maan asking Amrita how is she in India? He corrects it saying he meant Indonesia. Amrita stammers and Maan says what is the temperature in India? She gets shocked and he says she broke his trust. He didn’t have idea she can lie to him so efficiently. Dilpreet tells Veer that he didn’t expect that Veer will support Sanjot and not him. He tells Veer to leave along with Sanjot. Veer pleads Dilpreet to meet Amrita for one last time. Sanjot is about to step out of the house to meet Amrita but Dilpreet says she will see him as dead if she meets Amrita. He says he can live in this house alone and he won’t have to face the liars everyday. He says Sanjot can go to abroad. Sanjot says she supported him always but he didn’t understand her value. She suffered between the men’s fight always. Sanjot says Amrita is not at fault just because she is Maan’s daughter. She says she will leave the house as she can’t tolerate this pain anymore. She can’t stay in this house without her loved ones. She tries to leave but everyone tries to stop her.

Veer tells Dilpreet to do something but he remains stubborn. Sanjot says noone will come behind her. Amrita cries and apologises to Maan while the latter says she disappointed him a lot. He says he is coming to pick her up. She says he doesn’t need to come here but she sends him the ticket. She says he can check it and this time she will not be late. Maan says if she doesn’t come back home within the given time then he will be there at Hosiyarpur. She says she will leave in five minutes.

Randeep attempts to stop Sanjot but the latter says Dilpreet gives her swear everytime but she won’t stop now. Why Amrita will suffer for no reason. Randeep says they don’t have any relation with her so why can’t Sanjot forget Maan and choose Randeep. Maan betrayed him by sending fake jewels. Sanjot says he should not accuse his big brother. She adds he is not here to stop her but he is worrying for jewels only. Just how Dilpreet loves his ego. Sanjot says she needs both her sons together. She cant get mad at Ria if she is angry with Randeep. She adds Amrita didn’t come here for any purpose so she won’t punish her. She tells Veer to solve his issues with Dilpreet as the latter will be left alone.

She tells her family to fulfil the responsibilities in her absence and leaves. They get emotional. Maan calls Amrita and asks if she is still waiting. He orders her to leave for airport. She sits inside the cab and Sanjot comes behind her. She is about to stop Amrita but the latter leaves. Sanjot falls down and gets hurt. Amrita tells the driver to stop the cab to wait for 30 seconds more. She cant see Sanjot as people are standing around her. Amrita assumes Dilpreet didn’t let Sanjot meet her like always. Amrita leaves and Sanjot runs to stop her. Nimrit provokes Randeep to badmouth Maan by calling him. She says Sanjot will come back on her own. Randeep says he cant fight with Maan in this situation. He says he is not lucky and good for nothing. Nimrit says playing victim won’t benefit them but he has to be strong enough to deal with all the problems. They have no money to pay for Ria’s study fees and also they can’t buy home. Randeep feels terrible and there Sanjot runs in the middle of the road to stop Amrita. Kushwant’s truck hits her by mistake and she gets injured. Amrita leaves crying. Kushwant elopes to avoid getting into unnecessary trouble. Amrita says she will miss Sanjot a lot.

Precap- Kushwant burns Sanjot’s dupatta to destroy the evidence. Amrita finds him and confronts him. Veer searches for Sanjot and asks the people on road. Sanjot is lying unconscious.

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