Dil Diyaan Gallaan 9th March 2023 Written Update: Dilpreet gets ready to denounce Maan


The episode starts with Astha saying it will take time to get Amrita’s new passport. Amrita tells her parents to leave but Astha says she won’t leave Amrita here alone. She asks Maan to leave with Adi. Adi says he wants to stay with the ladies. Sanjot arrives saying she won’t let anyone of them go away. Maan hugs her and he makes her sit. She says this is destiny’s sign and Maan should not overlook it by leaving. He can atleast wait for 8 to 10 days until the new passport is made. Sanjot says what if she doesn’t live that long till the time he comes to India again. He asks her not to talk like that. She will live for hundred years. He goes to change clothes and asks Sanjot to give him head massage.

Sanjot and Astha catch Amrita’s lie that her passport got burnt accidentally. Amrita admits she burnt it knowingly. Sanjot and Astha support her idea. Amrita feels bad as she lied to Maan again. Sanjot says she lied for a good cause and they all should put efforts to unite Maan and Dilpreet. Astha says Maan has become more happy after Sanjot asked him to stay back. Sanjot group hugs Adi, Astha and Amrita. Param informs them about the celebration at Harneet’s place which will happen for Maan and Astha. Sanjot says she isnt sure if Dilpreet will also attend.

Sanjot calls Randeep and scolds him for disobeying her to attend the celebration. He says Maan insulted him so he won’t go. Sanjot says he should atleast respect his mother’s decision. Randeep finally agrees and Adi praises Sanjot for how she tackled Randeep. They insist her to convince Dilpreet as well. Sanjot calls Dilpreet but the latter refuses immediately. Sanjot gets upset and Amrita says she feels like Dilpreet will soon get to meet Maan. They won’t lose hope. Randeep and his family get ready for the celebration and they insist Dilpreet to accompany them but he denies.

Dilpreet closes the door and then someone again knocks on the door. He opens it and Kuku sneaks in. Kuku pushes away Dilpreet and the latter gets angry. Veer comes to the celebration being all decked up. Sanjot gives head massage to Maan. Amrita stares at Veer and the latter offers an unique crossbreed flower bouquet to Astha. Astha tells about his achievements and profession one by one and he gets surprised knowing she knows so much about him. She says daughter’s love made her research about him. She adds she is talking about Ria.

Param says she won’t disturb Maan and Sanjot today as they got to spend time together after so long. Maan shares a funny past experience regarding Randeep with Amrita. He laughs and Randeep arrives with his family. Randeep says that time Maan used to mock him and now he is doing the same. Maan gets silent and Astha compliments Nimrit for wearing pretty jewels. Nimrit says she can order for her as well. Nimrit shows off like she always uses expensive stuffs. There Kuku angrily looks for Maan and other members in the house.

Dilpreet calms him down saying noone is home. Kuku says he will take his revenge from Maan for his mother’s condition. Maan is responsible for all those patients who couldn’t receive timely treatment due to absence of nearby hospital. He says Dilpreet didn’t burn Maan’s photo so now they will not spare him. Dilpreet says he will denounce Maan in fear. Kuku says otherwise he will shoot Maan and kill him.

Precap- Maan questions Veer about his love for Amrita. If he would be able to leave Dilpreet’s house for her. Veer says he doesn’t want the history to be repeated and he can’t betray Dilpreet by leaving him.