Dil Diyan Gallan Upcoming Story: Ria to tell a lie to Maan as per Nimrit’s plan?


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Sab TV brand new show Dil Diyan Gallan is all set to entertain the viewers with it’s fresh storyline. Amrita lives with her family in New York and she has some past hurtful experience in India related to her grandparents.

The leads of the show Paras Arora and Kaveri Priyam have been introduced as Amrita and Veer. It will be interesting to watch how Amrita comes back to India and sort out all the unsolved issues in her family.

In previous episode Dilpreet fails to convince Kuku and his father that he doesn’t have any relation with Maan or his family. Kuku tells him to perform Maan’s last rites if he is telling the truth. Sanjot gets shocked and she pleads Dilpreet not to take this hard step.

There Amrita insists Veer and Adi to start fighting so that Maan and Sanjot immediately come here to stop them. She tells them make the drama look more realistic. There Randeep learns from Nimrit that Astha is the one who gave him money when he needed.

He goes to thank her and Nimrit there tells Ria to lie to Maan so that he doesn’t go to meet Sanjot. Ria asks Maan to go to Astha as Randeep went to meet her. There Amrita wonders why Maan didn’t arrive yet.

Sanjot comes and stops Veer and Adi. She questions Veer if he is hiding something. He reveals he wanted to unite her with Maan so they put on an act.

Sanjot says if destiny wants then it will happen otherwise not. There Randeep thanks Astha for helping him and Nimrit badmouths Maan for ruining Randeep’s life.

In future episodes Randeep will argue with Maan and the latter will tell him to leave and Randeep will reply that Maan should leave because he is an outsider.

Maan will push him and the latter will fall downstairs. Everyone will get shocked to witness that.

What will Dilpreet do?

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