Dil Diyan Gallan Upcoming Story: Veer words to give shock to Maan?


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Sab TV brand new show Dil Diyan Gallan is all set to entertain the viewers with it’s fresh storyline. Amrita lives with her family in New York and she has some past hurtful experience in India related to her grandparents.

The leads of the show Paras Arora and Kaveri Priyam have been introduced as Amrita and Veer. It will be interesting to watch how Amrita comes back to India and sort out all the unsolved issues in her family.

In previous episode Sanjot tells Maan not to leave India until Amrita’s new passport arrives within 10 days. He will also get to spend more time with his mother. Maan agrees and Sanjot and Astha catch Amrita’s lie how she knowingly burnt her passport.

But they support her idea because they also want Maan and Dilpreet to get united. There Maan and his family celebrate the moment with Sanjot in Harneet’s house. Sanjot invites Randeep and his family too. Dilpreet refuses to attend. Sanjot gives head massage to Maan after long.

Dilpreet receives threat from Kuku and his men who question him for not burning Maan’s photo and allowing him to stay in the village. He says he will shoot Maan and Dilpreet gets scared and as a result he agrees to perform his last rites.

There Astha gets flower bouquet from Veer and she praises him for his achievements at an young age. Sanjot gets happy spending time with Maan.

In future episodes, Maan will ask Veer how much he loves Amrita. If he can leave Dilpreet’s house for her. Veer will reply he can’t betray Darji and the history should not be repeated once again.

What will Maan do?

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