Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 6th March : Iti’s pitiful condition

Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 6th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serialgossip.in

Today’s episode begins with Bhavini, asks Iti why are you acting like this, now I must punish you. She took Iti into a room with her. While Iti hides her dad’s phone. Bhavini informs her, now you stop behaving like a kid, you’re a goddess, now you’ve got to become like a goddess’

Iti states, I’m not a goddess, please don’t force me to become like a goddess, I wish to visit my house. Bhavini states, wait should I give you a bit of work then you’ll certainly feel like your dwelling. She gives Iti a laundry to wash as she urinated on her bed so this is her punishment. After a time, Bhavini leaves as a woman calls her to get something. After she leaves, Iti attempts to phone Yuga, as her father had saved Yuga’s mum’s number in her cell phone.

There Yuga is considering Iti, while his buddy says, don’t think about her, she didn’t tell you before she departing out of here. But Yuga dismisses her talk and keeps considering Iti, he says, I believe those kidnappers have kidnapped Iti’s daddy too since there’s absolutely no information about him.

Meanwhile, Iti attempted to phone Yuga but Yuga’s phone inadvertently slipped from his hands and he couldn’t pick up his cell phone. While Iti is wondering why he isn’t picking up the telephone.

Later someone came to Iti and asked her to come with him since Devguru would like to meet you. Later Devguru informs Devi along with his other students about a sacred book. He said, Lord Buddha leaves his entire family and friends because he needs to do something on the planet. Devguru asks Goddess to become like Lord Buddha since you also have to do something for this world. While Iti would like to drink water, Devguru stops her because she wants to do penance.

Iti remembered that Yuga had told him that he pretends to sleep when he do not wants to perform research because elders never wake us up while we’re sleeping, because they then see God in us. Iti is also trying to make excuses facing Devguru as she needs to go to her room. When Devguru sees that Iti is sleeping, she asks Bhavini to take Devi to her room as she’s tired now.

On the other hand Yuga and his mother want to call Pankaj as Pankaj calls him sooner. Iti picks up their phone call but before she can tell Yug anything, Bhavini grabs the phone from her hands. Meanwhile, Devguru arrived and asked, Goddess that you aren’t asleep yet.

Iti asks him how my father’s phone came Devguru gets shocked, he asks Bhavini about this, Bhavini States, Devguru I have no idea about this, after BhavinilocesIti in the darkened room because she always opens her mouth in frontof Devguru

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