Doree 17th June 2024 Written Update: Bhairavi arrests Rukmani

Doree 17th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Doree dancing in front of Ganga Prasad and Mansi’s dead body. Rukmani thinks that she can’t bring back then to alive. She will definitely send her near her parents. Doree cries her heart out. A saint comes there and feeds something to Ganga Prasad and Mansi. Govind asks him what have he done? A saint says that he returned their life to them. God listened to this child prayer. If they prayed to the god together they will come back to their life. Everyone prays for them. Rukmani smirks at them. Ganga Prasad and Mansi opens their eyes surprising everyone. Rukmani is shocked. Bhairavi helps Mansi to get up. Anand comes there and shocked to see the scene there. He asks Rukmani if they are alive? Rukmani says that she can’t understand one thing. Doree fought against Yamaraj today. She doesn’t know what to do with this girl. Doree hugs Mansi and Ganga Prasad. She asks Mansi to mention her as her daughter. She won’t mention her as aunty. She is her mom. She learnt the truth.

Doree says that Mansi is her mom. She is her daughter. Everyone is shocked to hear it. Mansi admits that she is her daughter. She hugs her. She feels like she got her world back. Mansi apologized to her for not able to save her on that day. She says that she left from the house and tried a lot to save her. She asks her not to be angry with her. Doree asks her how will she shows her angry to the world best mom. She loves her a lot. She says that she got her family back. She loves her baba little more then her. Ganga smiles at her. Nani asks Ganga if Doree is Mansi’s daughter? He nodded to him. Yash says that it may be true. He saw Mansi crying in silent manytimes. If seems she was missing her daughter. Nani thanked the god for helped Doree to unite with her family. Doree says that it’s time to punish Rukmani. She might pay for her deeds.

Doree reveals the truth to the minister. She assures Doree to punish Rukmani if she proved her crime. She ordered Bhairavi to search in Rukmani’s house. Rukmani asks Anand to destroy the evidence. Rukmani runs from there taking the evidence. Ganga and police arrived there. Anand is there. Bhairavi says to him that Rukmani escaped with an evidence. We can’t punish her without an evidence. Meanwhile, Rukmani says that no one can arrest her without an evidence. She will destroy this evidence. Few girls comes there and mentioned her as Dadi. They questioned her why did she killed them. Rukmani confessed her crime to them. Doree comes there. She says that daughters will punish her today. She can’t escape from the punishment. She might go to the jail. Rukmani says that she don’t have an evidence. Doree recalls the way she offered the money to Anand to help her. He accepted her offer and reveals Rukmani’s truth to them. Bhairavi recorded everything on her phone. She says to Rukmani that she is under arrest.

Episode end

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