Doree 5th December 2023 Written Update: Neelu lears the truth.

Doree 5th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kailash Devi asking Anand to bring Ganga Prasad from jail. Neelu excuses them to drink water. She said Doree to stay there. Vansh recalls the way Doree insulted him. He says to Kailash Devi that he wants to play slingshot again. He intentionally break the butter pot. Kailash Devi asks Vickram to clean the floor. Vansh says that they shouldn’t waste food. Doree is in hungry. He asks Doree to eat it. Kailash Devi says that she can eat it. Doree says that she isn’t hungry. She will eat with her father. Vansh says that she assured her that she will listens to her words. But she refuses to do it now. He asks her not to bring Ganga Prasad out of the jail. Kailash Devi agrees to him. Doree assures her to eat it. She asks her to bring her father out of the jail. Vansh and Kailash Devi are enjoying the way Doree eating the dirty butter fell on the floor. Meanwhile, Mansi thinks how she will find her daughter by staying in home.

Sudha comes there. She tells her that she prepared Vansh’s favourite paratha. Doree’s bracelet fell down. Sudha asks her doesn’t Kailash Devi gifted it to her on her baby shower function? Mom scold her a lot for missed it. She lies to her that she found it when she cleaned the almira. Mansi is shocked to see Neelu there. Later, Vickram wipes Doree’s mouth. He asks her not to take Vansh’s act to her heart. Doree says to him that she doesn’t know whether Ganga Prasad eat anything or not? They will punish him a lot. She wants to meet him. She hears his voice. Meanwhile, Neelu asks Mansi if this bracelet belongs to her? She says that it was stolen from her house few years ago. Neelu thinks then how did it ended in Ganga Prasad’s house? Something is fishy. She tells her that she will help her to catch that thief. Mansi gives her number to her to contact her. Neelu thinks that it’s not just a number but a lottery ticket.

Doree is happy to see Ganga Prasad back. She hugs him. She asks him if they beaten him? He says that his Doree is his side so nothing to worry. Anand says that they brought him out of the jail. He has to do the favour return. Meanwhile, Neelu says to Basti people that they have to give the order 10 days before Danteras. Ganga Prasad’s design will introduced in Kailash Devi’s shop name. Basti people will get 50k for their work. Kailash Devi giving thread and money to them but they have to give their house documents to her. What if someone steal the things? They need guarantee. Ganga Prasad says that he won’t agree with it. Prem Kakka says to him it’s better to eat something then starving. At least we can sleep in their house. Everyone sign in the documents. One of the Basti people says that power connection and water supply came. Neelu says that it’s a good omen.

Ganga Prasad asks Doree to give the documents to Neelu. Doree says to Neelu that everyone given their fingerprints. Neelu recalls the way Mansi mentioned her about the bracelet. Neelu gives money to Doree and asks her to buy something for Ganga Prasad. He haven’t eaten anything in the jail. Neelu says to Ganga Prasad that at least he brought a bracelet for Doree. He tells her that Doree’s parents brought it for her.

Episode end

Precap; Neelu informs Mansi that she found out her daughter.

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