Durga Aur Charu 10th March 2023 Written Update: Anirban chooses Abhirup over Charu


Episode begins with Abhirup sees Anirban with Charu and he realises that Anirban helped Charu by giving land papers to her. He decides to punish his son. Lawyer reminds him that the latter is outside the court and being a politician, he should not react there. Durga gets surprised seeing Anirban there. Anirban congratulates Durga and Charu for winning the case. Charu tells him that Abhirup must be angry at him. Anirban tells her that his father’s anger is not new for him and he can’t see his loved one lose. Slum people thanks Durga and Charu. They invites Durga and Charu to celebrate holi. Anirban tells himself that he is ready to make Abhirup angry to win Charu’s heart. He gets ready to accept punishment from his father and leaves from there.

Later, Abhirup slaps Anirban continuesly. He asks his son that why the latter betrayed him. Anirban reveals that he love Charu and he did everything for Charu. He says that, that land belonged to slum people since beginning legally. Abhirup tells him that their servant has more respect than Charu. Anirban tells him that he can’t tolerate Charu’s insult. Dadi asks that who is Charu. Latika says that Charu went to jail for killing her father. Anirban tells Dadi that Charu is innocent. He says that he love Charu and h can even die for her. He tells Abhirup that he yearned for his father’s love and did everything to win his heart. But now his heart telling him to do everything for Charu. Savitri asks him to stop it and forget Charu.

Dadi tells Abhirup that they should fix Anirban and Durga’s marriage as soon as possible. Anirban tells her that he will tell the truth to Durga. Abhirup brings the gun and says that his image is everything for him. He threatens to kill himself. He asks Anirban to choose between his father and Charu. Latika thinks that everything will be ruined if Anirban agreed to marry Durga then. Anirban agrees to marry Durga.

Durga tries to tell Charu that she love Anirban. Charu tells her that she is worried about Anirban. Abhirup’s family comes there. Charu asks them that what are they doing there. Abhirup tells Binoy that he want Durga and Anirban’s marriage to happen. He says that Anirban love Durga. Chumki gets shocked hearing him. Durga tells Charu that she and Anirban love each other. Charu gets happy for Durga.

Anirban tells Dadi that Durga is his friend and his heart beats for Charu. He asks her to talk to Abhirup. Dadi tells him that Charu don’t deserve to become daughter in law of their family and leaves from there. Latika tells Anirban that she can understand his pain and she will talk to Abhirup.

Episode ends.