Durga Aur Charu 11th March 2023 Written Update: Durga and Anirban’s marriage gets fixed


Episode begins with Abhirup tells Binoy that he always wanted an educated daughter in law for his house. He praises about Durga’s skills. Durga brings tea for everyone. Abhirup tells Durga and Charu that they must be wondering how he changed suddenly. He says that Anirban explained him that hatred can’t win against love. And nothing matters for him than Anirban’s happiness. Savitri tells Sampurna that she will give shagun ki bangles to Durga if the latter and Binoy don’t have any problem with this marriage then. Charu and Durga agrees for the marriage. Charu gives sweet to everyone on Sampurna’s behest. Abhirup says that they should fix marriage date as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Raj shri asks Anirban to eat something because he did not eat anything since morning. She tells him to not punish his stomach for his heart. She praises him for confessing the truth in front of Abhirup. She advices him to tell the truth to Durga and Charu and learn about Charu’s feelings.

Abhirup tells Latika that marriage will happen within a week. He asks her to make sure Anirban don’t mess up anything. Latika tells him that she don’t think Anirban will marry Durga. She suggests Durga and Mihir’s marriage. And let Anirban marry Charu. He holds her hair tightly. He tells her that she should just keep him happy. He orders her to prepare food for him. She leaves from there. She breaks Abhirup and Anirban’s photo. She says that she won’t let Anirban win Abhirup’s heart no matter what. She claims that she did everything for Abhirup but he did not even give a name to their relationship. And she won’t let Anirban get his rights.

Next day, Anirban decides to tell the truth to Durga first and then confess his feelings to Charu. He follows Durga. Charu stops him and tells him that she thought he loved her due to his actions. She tells him that she fell for him. He recalls that how Raj shri adviced him to confess his feelings to Charu. She laughs and asks him that how was her joke. She tells him that she can also joke like him. She warns him to not trouble Durga and leaves from there.

Anirban tells Durga that he don’t love her. He informs her that he love Charu. He apologizes to her for acting for her land. He says that he will think she forgave him if he saw her in the slum holi celebration then and leaves from there without seeing Durga’s face. And it turns out that Chumki heard everything. She decides to take advantage of this truth to create rift between Durga and Charu.

Slum people takes Anirban to slum to celebrate holi. Anirban dance with Charu, Durga and Chumki. He misunderstands that Durga is not angry at him. Charu’s blouse knot gets opened. She signals Durga to come and help her. She moves aside. Anirban comes there and ties her blouse knot. She misunderstands that Durga is tying the blouse knot. She gets shocked seeing Anirban there.

Episode ends.