Durga Aur Charu 12th March 2023 Written Update: Anirban goes missing


Episode begins with Charu asks Anirban that what is he doing there. Anirban tells her that she called him. She is about to explain. But he stops her and tells her that he love her. Durga comes there. Charu laughs. She tells Durga that she scared Anirban few minutes back, saying that she love him so now he is telling like this. She tells Anirban that he should have tried something new. She asks him to not do something like this again. Durga says that Anirban can’t see tears in her eyes so she know he can’t betray her. She tells Anirban that she also love him. Anirban gets shocked hearing her. She hugs him. He wonders that whom heard his confession. Chumki sees everything and tells herself that she will write Durga and Charu’s story.

Next day, Dadi and Savitri informs Anirban about ashirwad ceremony. Raj shri asks Anirban that if he talked to Durga and Charu. Latika sends Raj shri from there. She tells Anirban that she can understand his pain that’s why she even talked to Abhirup about the latter and Charu’s marriage. She says that even God fought for his love so how can Anirban accept defeat without fighting. She asks him to do something and stop this ceremony.

Charu suggests Durga to wear Bondita’s saree for ceremony. Sampurna takes Bondita’s saree from cupboard. She gives one saree to Durga and one saree to Chumki. Chumki refuses to wear it. Charu says that she will wear it and she gets Bondita’s saree from Sampurna.

After some time, Durga and Charu comes out wearing Bondita’s saree ( Rishta tera mera song plays in the background ). Sampurna gets emotional seeing them. She says that Charu looks like Bondita and she felt like this since beginning. Chumki gets angry hearing her. Sampurna takes Durga and Charu for aarti. Durga asks God to fulfill Charu and Anirban’s wishes. Charu asks God to fulfill Durga’s wishes. On the other hand, Anirban tells God that he want Charu and her love.

Sampurna tells Charu that happiness returned in their house with her return. Charu recalls that how Anirban confessed his love to her. She tells herself that it was joke but it’s bothering her so much. She hope that Anirban was not serious.

Latika informs Dadi and Savitri that Anirban is missing and she searched everywhere in the house. Savitri says that her husband and Abhirup went to Choudhary house with shagun. Latika pretends like she is worried.

Binoy and Sampurna welcomes Abhirup and his brother. Banerjee family ladies also comes there. Abhirup asks his family about Anirban. Latika tells him that Anirban is missing. Guests gossips about Durga and Anirban. Charu questions Abhirup. Abhirup tells her that Anirban must be on the way. Abhirup’s brother says that Anirban would have went to bring gift for Durga. Charu asks Durga to not get afraid. Durga says that she know Anirban won’t betray her but she is worried about his safety.

Episode ends.