Durga Aur Charu 16th March 2023 Written Update: Charu takes Durga’s place on Sampurna’s behest


Durga Aur Charu 16th March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Chumki asks Sampurna that if Durga is fine. Sampurna tells her that Durga is fine. She asks her to take care of guests and goes upstairs. She hope that Charu found Durga. Charu tells her that she searched everywhere but Durga was not there. Priest asks them to bring the bride. Dadi asks Binoy that why Durga did not come downstairs yet. Binoy assures her that Durga will come on time. Chumki says that Durga did not ate anything since morning so she was feeling dizzy. Dadi says that they should have give juice to Durga. She tells Priest to begin the puja. She says that she will bring Durga and leaves from there.

Sampurna asks Charu to do something. Charu tells her that they should tell the truth to everyone. Sampurna asks her that what if everyone misunderstands Durga. She says that Durga’s engagement got broken once and today this marriage did not happen then no one will marry her. Charu tells her that Durga love Anirban so much and Durga must be in the house only, so they will find Durga. Sampurna tells her that they don’t have time and cries. They hears Dadi’s voice. Dadi and Raj shri enters the room. Charu sits like Durga. Dadi asks that why Durga is wearing veil. Sampurna tells her that Durga will marry Anirban like this. Dadi asks her to bring Durga downstairs and leaves from there.

Charu apologizes to Sampurna for wearing bride outfit. Sampurna tells her to go downstairs and sit in bride’s place. She says that she will search Durga and they don’t have any other choice to save Durga’s character. Charu tells her that Durga love Anirban and she can’t do this. And this is wrong. Sampurna pleads her to do it for Durga. She says that their intention is right so they are not doing anything wrong. She tells her that she will bring Durga before vermilion ritual. She falls on her feet.

Chumki and Binoy goes upstairs. Binoy gets relieved seeing the bride. Chumki wonders that how Sampurna found Durga. Binoy tells Sampurna that he would have died if anything went wrong then.

Charu reaches the marriage mandap and due to veil no one could see her face. Chumki says that she will remove Durga’s veil to perform Shubho Drishti ritual. Dadi says that she don’t have any problem with Durga’s veil. Chumki says that Anirban can see Durga’s face. She moves to remove Durga’s veil. Meanwhile, Sampurna searches Durga.

Raj shri says that they can perform Shubho Drishti ritual without removing Durga’s veil. And Durga and Anirban can see each other’s face in water. She reveals that Sampurna sent this water. Anirban and Charu performs Shubho Drishti ritual. He takes Charu’s name in his mind.

Episode ends.

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