Durga Aur Charu 17th March 2023 Written Update: Anirban gets married to Charu


Durga Aur Charu 17th March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Chumki thinks that something is fishy. Anirban misunderstands that he is seeing Charu everywhere. He thinks that he should forget Charu. He tells Charu that he will become good partner to her assuming her as Durga. Charu thinks that she is doing all this for Durga’s sake. Priest says that they should begin the marriage rituals. And first ritual is varmala. Charu recalls that how she told Sampurna that she can’t marry Anirban. She asks her to give signal after finding Durga and she will pretend like fainting. Then Durga will reach the marriage mandap. Sampurna tells her that she will find Durga.

Charu and Anirban exchanges marriage garlands. She hope that Sampurna finds Durga before the next ritual. Sampurna searches Durga. Chumki goes upstairs and asks Sampurna that why the latter is looking tensed. Sampurna tells her that she is bride’s mother that’s why. Chumki asks her about Charu. Sampurna lies to her that Charu went to bring lemonade for her. She sends her from there. Chumki calls Anirban’s house to talk to Latika but Savitri picks the call so Chumki disconnects it. Latika notices that and misunderstands that call coming to inform that bride is missing. Rajshri takes Chumki from there.

Binoy performs kanyadhaan ritual. Charu cries. Anirban promises to not let Durga cry again. Chumki decides to see Durga is in the store room or not. Priest tells Anirban and Charu to stand for pheres. Anirban and Charu takes pheres. Sampurna tells herself that she has to find Durga before vermilion ritual. She says that Durga did not leave the house for sure. She pleads God to help her to find Durga. She hears a noise from store room and goes there.

Anirban and Charu completes the pheres. Charu asks Durga to return and take her place. Priest says that now vermilion ritual will happen. Charu thinks that she can’t perform this ritual. She pretends like feeling dizzy and says that she want to take rest. Dadi tells her that they can’t stop now. She asks Priest to continue the marriage rituals. Priest tells Anirban to begin the vermilion ritual. Anirban applies vermilion on Charu’s forehead.

Sampurna finds Durga in the store room. She runs to marriage mandap to stop the marriage but gets shocked seeing the vermilion ritual. She returns to store room.

Anirban ties nuptial chain on Charu’s neck. Priest announces that the marriage rituals got completed.

Chumki goes to store room and finds no one there. She assumes that Durga was in the marriage mandap.

Charu change into her outfit. She tells Sampurna that the latter did not keep her promise. She asks her that how they are going to tell the truth to Durga. She says that only Durga has rights on these jewels. She makes Durga wear everything. Durga regains her consciousness and she asks that what happened to her and why she don’t remember anything.

Episode ends.

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