Durga Aur Charu 23rd January 2023 Written Update: Charu lay a trap for Bholi


Durga Aur Charu 23rd January 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Chaturbhuj asks Bholi that if she trust him still. Bholi thinks that she don’t trust him but she will act like him. She tells him he saved her today so obviously she trust him. She takes Chumki from there. Charu thinks that Chumki ruined everything. Bholi wonders that how can she trust Chaturbhuj. She asks Chumki that if the latter said anything to Durga about Baanke. Chumki asks her that why she will tell to Durga when she did not even tell to ghost. Bholi wonders that Durga lied to Chaturbhuj or Chaturbhuj lied to her. She says that she has to be careful and find out Chaturbhuj is her enemy or Durga’s enemy.

On the other hand, Durga tells Charu that Bholi suspect the latter now. She says that they can’t accept defeat. She asks her to win Bholi’s trust at any cost.

Next day, Bholi comes out of her room in hunger. Chaturbhuj gives Bholi’s favourite food to her. He asks her that what he should do to win her trust. She asks him to help her to meet Charu. She says that she is sure Durga and Charu meeting so Chaturbhuj should get information about Charu from Durga. She tells him that he won her heart by giving her favourite food and if he want to win her trust then he should help her to meet Charu.

Later, Charu tells everything to Durga. Durga tells her that Bholi is really smart but not more than them. She says that they will make Bholi confess the truth in front of Charu. She tells her that she will bring Binoy and Sampurna there. Charu likes the idea and they decides to execute their plan in the jungle.

After some time, Durga pretends like talking to Charu on a phone call. Chumki hears her. Meanwhile, Chaturbhuj tells Bholi that today Charu and Durga are going to meet in the jungle today and leaves from there. Bholi wonders that she should trust Chaturbhuj or not. Chumki comes there and tells her about Durga and Charu’s meeting. She tells her that Charu has proof against her. Bholi realises that Chaturbhuj did not lie and she decides to meet Charu.

Later, Charu waits for Bholi in the jungle. Bholi comes there. Charu pretends like getting shocked seeing Bholi there. Bholi tries to attack Charu but the latter ties Bholi’s hands and legs. She wonders that why Durga did not come yet. Durga brings Binoy and Sampurna to the jungle. She lies to them that they have to find some flower for her project.

Charu asks Bholi that what the latter did with Baanke. Bholi tells her that she won’t tell the truth. Charu applies honey on Bholi’s legs and she puts ants on her legs. Bholi asks her to remove them. Charu threatens to apply honey on Bholi’s face too. Bholi agrees to tell the truth and she laughs.

Episode ends.

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