Durga Aur Charu 25th January 2023 Written Update: Charu finds Baanke


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Episode begins with Baanke falls down and his face covered with mud. Few boys laughs at him and makes fun of him. Charu is in dilemma that she should help Baanke or not because she has to reach the palace as soon as possible. She scolds those boys for troubling Baanke instead of helping him. Those boys runs from there. She asks Baanke that if he is fine. She helps him to wash his face and she gets shocked seeing his face. She calls him as father and hugs him in happiness. On the other hand, Binoy asks Durga to stop it. Bholi says that Charu filled hatred in Durga.

Charu tells Baanke that she is not able to believe it. She tells him about Bholi’s misdeeds. She says that only Durga trusted her and everyone else hate her. Baanke tells her that he saved her from fire. She asks him to expose Bholi. She says that she is glad Baanke is fine. She tells him that she will bring Durga and leaves from there.

Bholi tells Binoy that Durga meets Charu who is criminal. She pleads Durga to not meet Charu. Durga asks her to stop acting. She says that she know Charu is a good girl and she is Charu’s family. Chaturbhuj asks her to stop it. Durga gets relieved seeing him. He tells her that he thought she is his friend but she is Charu’s friend. He warns her to not utter a word against Bholi. He asks her to stop accusing Bholi.

Binoy scolds Durga for meeting Charu. Durga says that she know Charu is not wrong and goes inside. Chaturbhuj tells Bholi that they won’t stay there because the latter is getting insulted. He asks her to pack her clothes and goes inside to pack his clothes. Binoy tells Sampurna that he is angry at her too. Meanwhile, Durga hugs Charu and tells her that she thought she won’t meet her again. Charu tells her that Bholi tried to kill her.

Bholi informs Polash that she killed Charu. She says that Durga become sherni due to Charu. She adds that she will get rid of Durga. She gets shocked seeing Binoy and Sampurna there. Binoy asks her that how can she think to leave the house. He apologizes to her on behalf of Durga. He requests her to not leave the house. She tells him that she won’t go anywhere. Polash stares Bholi and Sumona notices that.

Charu takes Durga to Baanke’s house. Durga gets happy seeing Baanke and hugs him. Charu tells her that Baanke saved her from Bholi. Durga says that Baanke is alive so police won’t arrest Charu. Charu asks Baanke to tell the truth to police. Baanke asks them that who is Bholi. He asks Charu that why she is calling him as father. He says that he don’t know anything not even his name. Durga tells Charu that Baanke lost his memory.

Episode ends.

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