Durga Aur Charu 26th January 2023 Written Update: Durga apologizes to Bholi


Durga Aur Charu 26th January 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Durga says that seems like Baanke lost his memory. Charu tells her that that’s not possible. She says that Baanke must be joking because he can’t forget his Charu. She reminds Baanke about the moments they shared with each other. She gets shattered that Baanke don’t remember her. Durga wonders that what would have happened that day. In the past, Baanke moves towards palace to expose Bholi but he meets with an accident.

Durga tells Charu that only Baanke know what happened that day but he can’t say anything. Charu asks Baanke that if he know anything. Baanke tells her that he don’t remember anything after his accident. She asks him that why he saved her. He tells her that he heard her scream so helped her. Durga tells Charu that the latter should be happy that Baanke is alive. Charu tells her that they can’t expose Bholi. Durga tells her that they will make Bholi confess her evil deeds.

Chumki asks Bholi that why the latter killed Charu. Bholi tells her that it’s necessary to get rid of Durga and Charu that’s why. Meanwhile, Durga tells Charu that they will bring Bholi in front of Baanke so he remember everything. Charu tells her that Bholi may harm Baanke again. Durga tells her that intoxicated Bholi can’t do anything. She tells the plan to her.

Next day, Durga apologizes to Bholi for misunderstanding her. She says that she understood Charu is wrong. Bholi asks her to forget everything. Durga says that she won’t talk to Charu again. Chaturbhuj tells Bholi that he can’t forget her insult. Bholi asks him to forget it. He says that he has no one to celebrate his birthday. Durga apologizes to him and wishes happy birthday to him. He asks her to make cake for him. Binoy says that they will celebrate Chaturbhuj’s birthday. Chaturbhuj tells Bholi to decorate the house for forgetting his birthday.

Durga tells Sampurna that she will make 2 cake. Bholi and Chumki gets tired while decorating the house. Chaturbhuj troubles Bholi a lot. Polash wishes happy birthday to Chaturbhuj. He tells Bholi that he will help her. Sumona taunts him for helping Bholi.

Bholi tells Polash that something is fishy that’s why Durga apologized to her. Polash wonders that why Durga is happy. He asks her that if Charu is alive. She tells him that that’s not possible. Sumona tries to take Polash with her. Polash tells her that he will come after drinking water.

In the kitchen, Durga mixes bhaang powder in one of the cake. Polash comes there and asks her that what is she doing. She tells him that she is making cake. He asks her that what is she mixing. Sampurna comes there. Polash tells Sampurna that Durga was mixing something in the cake. Sampurna asks Durga to show it.

Episode ends.

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