Durga Aur Charu 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Anirban learns about Durga and Charu’s past


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Episode begins with Sitara points a gun at Anirban. Durga comes there and asks Sitara to stop. Anirban asks her that why she came there. Durga asks him that how can she stay silent when his and Charu’s life in danger due to her. Durga reveals her real identity. Charu gets shocked hearing her.

On the other hand, Sampurna learns that Sitara is Tara’s daughter. Binoy tells police to take Munna from there. Sampurna says that she is glad Durga’s lawyer friend revealed the truth or else Durga’s life would have been ruined. She glares Bholi. Bholi hope that Munna don’t take her name. Chumki slaps Bholi. She scolds her for bringing Munna’s proposal for Durga. Bholi apologizes to Sampurna and Binoy. She says that Munna took advantage of her naiveness. Police takes Munna from there. Sampurna prays to God for Durga’s safety.

Anirban signals Durga to take the knife. Durga takes the knife and throws it towards Anirban. Anirban catches the knife and holds it near Sitara’s neck. Police comes there and arrests Sitara. Sitara screams that she will return to take revenge. Police takes her from there.

Durga asks Charu that if the latter is fine. Charu pushes her. She says that Durga is habituated to betray and she would have lost her life today if Anirban has not arrived on time then. Durga tells her that she is her Durga. Charu tells her that they got separated many years back and they can’t reunite never and leaves from there.

Later, Charu treats her injury. Anirban wonders that why her pain hurting him. He treats her injury and it turns out to his dream. She asks him that what is he doing there. He asks her that what happened in between her and Durga. He says that Durga always cared about Charu so why Charu is angry at Durga. Charu tells him everything. She says that she become alone due to Durga’s betrayal and she end up in jail. And Durga did not even come to visit her after destroying her life. She cries. He hugs her to console her.

After some time, Anirban asks Durga that why the latter betrayed Charu. Durga tells him everything. She blames Bholi for everything. She reveals about the promise she gave to Sampurna. She says that she won’t hesitate to sacrifice her life for Charu. He promises to clear their misunderstanding. She hugs him.

Binoy tells Sampurna that he is glad they got to know Munna’s truth before engagement. Sampurna tells him that Anirudh and Bondita would not have forgive them if engagement happened then. She says that she agreed for this marriage because Bholi brought this marriage proposal. He tells her that Durga is their responsibility. She tells him that she won’t trust Bholi blindly and Bholi is not their family member. Bholi overhears their conversation.

Anirban talks about Charu to his sister. He compares his pain with Charu’s pain. Next day, Chumki tells Bholi that she slapped her to save her. Anirban informs Abhirup that he broke Durga’s engagement. Abhirup tells his family that he is going to talk about Anirban and Durga’s marriage. Anirban wonders that why he is not happy.

Episode ends.

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