Durga Aur Charu 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Charu misunderstands Durga


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Episode begins with Bholi removes Charu’s fake wig. She says that Chaturbhuj is Charu. Charu tells Sampurna that she did not kill Baanke. She claims that even Durga knows Bholi’s truth. Bholi asks her to stop lying. She says that Charu tried to hurt Chumki today. Orphanage manager comes there with police. Charu gets relieved seeing orphanage manager. She tells Binoy that even orphanage manager know the truth. Orphanage manager lies that Charu asked him to give false statement against Bholi. He says that he can’t betray like Charu.

Bholi recalls that how she tried to give bribe to orphanage manager but he refused to accept it. So she threatens him by falsely accusing him. Charu asks orphanage manager that why he is lying. Binoy asks her to stop accusing everyone. Charu says that they are not understanding her and Durga will explain them. She goes upstairs.

Meanwhile, Durga regains her consciousness. Chumki thanks her for supporting her today. Durga tells her that it was her responsibility to do something for her sister. She asks her to forget what happened today. Chumki asks her to stay as her sister always. Durga tells her that she can’t see her going away from them. Charu overhears their conversation and she misunderstands Durga. Bholi tells Charu that Durga choosed Chumki over Charu. She says that Durga is ready to send Charu to jail instead of Chumki. She asks her to not worry about Baanke because he is safe with her. Charu recalls Durga’s words and leaves from there. Sampurna asks her that what Durga said. Bholi tells Sampurna that Durga understood that Charu is not their level.

Durga is about to leave the room. But Chumki pretends like she is hurt to stop Durga. Durga tells her that she has to meet Charu and runs from there. Police takes Charu from there.

Durga comes downstairs and asks about Charu. She asks that how Bholi returned from jail and where is Baanke. Sampurna asks her that why the latter lied that Chaturbhuj is Charu. Binoy scolds Durga for betraying her family for Charu. Durga says that Charu is innocent and Bholi confessed her misdeeds. Bholi says that Charu tricked Durga.

Sampurna tells Durga that the latter should have told the truth to her at least. Binoy tells Durga that Baanke is dead and Charu got arrested for killing Baanke. He announces that no one is allowed to take Charu’s name in the palace from now on. He asks her that what if something happened to Chumki. He says that even Charu is dead for them. And he gets heart attack. Chumki pleads Durga to cut off all ties with Charu to save Binoy’s life.

Later, Durga thinks that she has to meet Charu. Sampurna tells her to cut off all ties with Charu. Durga promises to her. Bholi says that she don’t think Durga can keep her promise. Sampurna says that Durga will continue her studies in Darjeeling. Durga apologizes to Charu in her mind.

Episode ends.

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