Durga Aur Charu 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Bholi confesses her wrongdoings in front of Roy Choudharys


Durga Aur Charu 3rd March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Abhirup tells his family that he will visit Roy Choudhary house to talk about Anirban and Durga’s marriage. Anirban wonders that why he is not happy when he did everything for Abhirup’s happiness. Dadi blesses Anirban. She tells Abhirup that Anirban is going to get engaged with Abhirup’s choice. She takes ladies with her for preparations.

Anirban tells Abhirup that he just want a hug from him. Abhirup is about to hug Anirban but Latika interrupts and says that celebrating the success before winning is foolishness. Abhirup says that he know Anirban will win and he will hug him in front of everyone. Anirban leaves from there. Abhirup tells Latika that original papers of slum land is in the locker. Spy hears everything and decides to tell about it to Charu.

On the other hand, Bholi wonders that what she should do now. Durga reads about Baba in the newspaper. Bholi asks her that if Baba will solve all the problems. Durga tells her that she could take her to Baba. Bholi thinks that she can’t trust Durga at all but she don’t have any other choice. She agrees to visit Baba.

After some time, Durga takes Bholi to Baba. Baba calls Bholi as Bholi. He takes her men names. Bholi gets scared hearing him. She asks Durga to wait outside saying that she want to talk to Baba alone. Durga leaves from there. Bholi asks Baba that how he know about Sheru. Baba tells her that her past will come in front of her. She gets shocked hearing him. He says that Baanke is alive and Baanke will return to kill Bholi. She refuses to believe him. She tells him that she is not scared and moves from there. She gets shocked seeing Baanke in front of her and faints.

Meanwhile, Chumki meets Charu and asks about Durga and Anirban. She lies to Charu that she is Durga’s friend. Slum man tells Charu that Anirban found a person who can give statement in their favor. So she should visit shiv temple. Chumki hears that and thinks that Durga and Bholi left for shiv temple.

Durga finds Bholi in unconscious state. Baanke takes Durga from there and he removes his face mask and he turns out to be Anirban.

Chumki tells Binoy and Sampurna that Durga is working with Charu. She tells them that they should go to shiv temple.

Bholi regains her consciousness and she searches Baba. She gets shocked seeing Baanke.

Binoy and Sampurna reaches shiv temple. Charu also comes there. Sampurna asks Durga that why the latter broke the promise and met Charu. She says that Durga sent money for Charu’s studies and lost the first case. She is about to slap Durga but Charu holds Sampurna’s hand.

Baanke tells Bholi that he will tell her truth to everyone. Bholi confesses her wrongdoings. She tells him that he is not Baanke because she killed Baanke and sent Charu to jail in that case. Everyone hears that. Bholi gets shocked seeing them.

Episode ends.

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