Durga Aur Charu 9th February 2023 Written Update: Bholi finds out Durga helping Charu


Durga Aur Charu 9th February 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Sarpanch tells slum people that they will wait for police. Durga asks everyone to remove their kurta and give it to her. She tells Sarpanch that police asked her to collect everyone’s kurta. She collects everyone’s kurta. She lies that Charu has torn clothe of kurta that’s why she collected everyone’s kurta. After some time, one of the slum guy, Santhi searches his kurta. Slum people comes there. They understands that it’s Santhi who cut the rope of temple bell.

Charu says that he must be Abhirup’s man. Sarpanch agrees with her. Durga says that they will get stay order before Abhirup does something else. Anirban gets shocked hearing them. He goes to his house. He asks Latika that if Abhirup hired Santhi to kill the lawyers. Latika tells him that if Abhirup wanted to harm slum people then he would not have sent court order to slum people. He tells her that he trust his father and goes inside. She tells herself that she won’t let Anirban win Abhirup’s heart until she is in the house.

Next day, Sarpanch keeps the court files in front of God idol. Anirban tells him that they should celebrate today. Slum lady gives saree to Durga and Charu. At night, Durga and Charu comes out wearing saree. And they dances on dola re song.

Anirban takes the court files. Charu sees that and she wonders that why Anirban is taking the court files. Anirban gives one of the court file to Durga. Charu accuses Durga of stealing the court files. Anirban clears her misunderstanding. He recalls that how he noticed Charu saw him with court files.

After some time, Durga cries. Anirban asks her to not take Charu’s words seriously. Durga lies to her that something went in her eyes. And she did not feel bad for Charu’s words. He makes her smile. He asks her that why she is offering friendship to Charu only. She tells him that it’s India and a stranger guy can’t become her friend. He opposes her. She wonders that where is her rickshaw. He takes the file from her and tells her that her file is safe with him because Santhi may come to steal her file. She nods at him.

On the other hand, Abhirup beat Santhi up. Latika stops him. She reveals that Charu is one of the lawyer and she is killer. She tells Santhi that now he know what he has to do. Santhi nods at her.

Anirban tells Charu that she should do make up because she don’t look like daughter in law material. She gets angry hearing him and she tries to prove him that she has other skills too. She drops the file by mistake. He takes the court file and says that he will keep it with him because Santhi may come to steal it. Sarpanch agrees with him.

Next day, Sampurna asks Durga to stop her acting. Bholi reveals that they have proof that Durga helped Charu.

Episode ends.

Precap – Charu and Durga’s life in danger. Durga recognizes Charu and she saves Charu’s life by risking her life.

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