Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Upcoming Story 15th September 2020 : Dadu insults Rajinder and Shravan’s family

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Suman’s family getting relieved seeing her coming back home and asking her if she is fine and didn’t get hurt. Suman wonders how everyone came to know about what happened as Shravan didn’t tell anyone. Kanchan comes and says that she told everyone that it was a minor accident and she and Payal are fine. Suman assures everyone that scooter slipped but she is fine. Kanchan takes Suman away and says that now she will understand a sister’s importance in the love story.

On the other hand, Devraj asks Ragini where Ramesh is. Ragini replies that he had a client meeting. Devraj says that he knows what meeting he attends. Shravan comes. His shoulder is hurting. Kavita asks what happened. Devraj scolds Shravan for being so careless and threatens to slap him if he keeps wandering around. Shravan leaves. Kavita scolds Devraj because he burst his anger on Shravan unnecessarily and that poor guy didn’t even have food.

Meanwhile, Suman thanks Kanchan for saving her. She says that she would have not been able to think about anything. Kanchan says never say never as she never thought that her sister will be so in love like this one day. Suman says that even Shravan saved her today.
In the meantime, Bunty is doing first aid of Shravan’s wound on his shoulder. He says that he will go to get bandage from Kavita but Shravan stops him as Kavita will rise lots of questions. Bunty scolds him. Shravan gets Suman’s call. Bunty scolds Suman also because Shravan got hurt because of her. Shravan takes phone from him and talks with Suman. He then asks Bunty how he could talk with Suman like this. Bunty asks if now he has no right anymore and Suman is more important. Shravan says that he is his brother so he has full right.

Suman sneaks into Malhotras’ Mansion and climbs to Shravan’s terrace on ladder. Bunty is scolding Shravan for being so careless. Suman knocks at the door and Shravan opens it. Shravan asks her how he came there. She says with ladder and shows him a drawing: she has made his portrait. Shravan is happy to see it. Suman has brought first aid box too and says that she couldn’t let him stay in pain for the night. Bunty adores them and then leaves them alone.

Suman does the first aid of Shravan’s wound. She asks him if he has another wound like that on the armpit and asks him to show it. Suman is surprised as she has already felt like he has such a wound. Shravan says that they might know each other more than what they think. He asks her pain killer. Suman gives it to him. She asks what he would have asked if he won the game.

Just then, light turns off. Shravan says that he will get candle, but Suman asks him where it is as she will get it. Shravan indicates the drawer. Suman gets the candle and lighter and gives the latter to Shravan who holds her hand thinking it’s candle. Suman says that it isn’t the candle. Shravan looks on and realizes he is holding her hand. Suman gives him the candle. Shravan asks Suman what he would have asked if she won the game. Suman feels shy and says that she will tell it tomorrow. She leaves as Kanchan calls her.

Shravan is very happy and recalls their moments together. He wonders if Suman thinks that he is hurrying and messages her asking if she felt awkward. Suman is happy to get his message and assures him that she didn’t feel awkward at all. Shravan is happy. They chat. He sends her a kissing emoji wishing her good night. He is nervous while waiting for her reply. Suman smiles and blushes. She sends a kissing emoji too. Shravan gets happy. Both of them sleep.

The next morning Dadu is closing the gate when a car hits it and Dadu falls down. Damru and Vijay rush outside. Vijay goes to check and sees drunk Rajinder in car. Dadu bashes Rajinder while Vijay and Damru go to hold Rajinder and take him inside. Dadu keeps bashing Rajinder who promises to get gate repaired as he has lots of money. He is not in his senses.

Later, Vijay gives lemon juice to Rajinder who is still drunk. Dadu keeps bashing Rajinder. Suman is tensed and calls Shravan who is sleeping. Bunty is sleeping too but hears the phone ringing and asks Shravan to pick the call. Shravan picks it. Suman asks him to come immediately at her place since Dadu has created a scene with Rajinder.

Vijay calls Devraj but Dadu says that they should throw Rajinder out only and wants to call police. Rajinder stands up and says that they can call anyone and he is saying that he made mistake but they cannot understand. Shravan comes and holds Rajinder who says that he would have handled alone. Dadu says that when he met him for the first time he was completely drunk and now he can understand that even his father must stay drunk whole day too. Shravan feels angry.
Episode ends

Precap: Vijay slaps Rajinder hard. Devraj forbids Shravan from going to Tiwaris house. Devraj forbids Shravan from going to Tiwaris house. Dadu says that if Shravan will come in their house, he will teach a lesson also to him like he did with his uncle.
Shravan and Suman are in a tough situation. While class is going on in garden, Suman stares emotionally at Shravan who looks at her from terrace in pain.