Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Upcoming Story : A NEW CHALLENGE FOR SHRAVAN

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Shravan coming downstairs and Chachi and Chachu praising him for not talking properly with Suman. Kavita says that she looks so sad. Chachi suggests ordering pizza. Avni is about to order but just then Shravan says that they will eat after group studies. Avni and others get angry understanding that he got trapped in Suman’s words. On the other hand, even Dadi, Devika and Aneesh are badmouthing about Shravan and are sure that his family must have emotionally fooled Suman and Vijay. Shravan tell to his family that he will get discipline from these studies and only then he will be able to go to USA as he dreams. Kavita says that neither her nor Devraj will agree for him to let go. Just then Devraj comes and says that he can go but he shall come back immediately if his respect is question. Kavita warns him not to come back showing back if they insult him. Dadu, Aneesh and Devika are sure that Shravan won’t come. They exchange hi-five.

After a while, chairs and blackboard are arranged in the garden of Tiwari house for group study. Devika thinks that Shravan won’t come. Suman wants him to come otherwise Vijay will misunderstand that Devraj didn’t let him come. Dadu introduces the lesson which will be held by Vijay. The latter and Anjali look at the students from balcony. Vijay thinks that Devraj felt too bad for what Dadu did. Suman wonders where Shravan is.

Just when everybody is sure that Shravan won’t come, he enters in the garden and says that he is there for studies too. Vijay and Anjali smile looking at him. However, there is no seat left for him so he drags table near the chair and sits on it and asks for a pen to Kanchan. Vijay says that Shravan knows how to make his place and he can do big things in life. Anjali wonders if he is aware of that. Vijay says that they have to teach him discipline and he can do wonders. Kavita and Chachi gossip about the army people looking at the class from terrace.
Vijay comes to the garden and asks everyone to introduce themselves first of all. Aneesh, Devika, Kanchan and others talk about their family background.

Shravan talks about how he is different from his father and loves bikes and going out with his friend Bunty; he says that he is a state champion player of badminton. Suman introduces her family background and adds that she wants to be like her family and make them and her country proud. Vijay says that the best introduction has been given by Shravan only because he introduced himself and in army family doesn’t matter but their courage and determination only. He says that they shall meet tomorrow morning at 5am. He asks if there is any question. Shravan asks why he was asked to talk about his father the first day at army school if family doesn’t matter while getting into army and why he wasn’t asked about his mother if he had to talk about family. Suman looks at him with a smile. Vijay says that they will meet tomorrow. The class is dismissed.

Shravan is very happy. While going out, Aneesh asks him not to fly high and leaves. Suman comes to Shravan who notices her smile and thinks that he will surely impress her in one month. She says that he should concentrate on studies and not going against Aneesh. Shravan says that he has promised to get disciplined and he doesn’t break his promises; he thinks that he won’t even break his promise to impress Suman in one month. Shravan asks her to wake him up at 5am because he isn’t used to do that and even Avni won’t wake him up so early. Suman doesn’t say anything.

At night, Shravan tells Devraj how Vijay praised him in front of everyone and says that he is very good. At the same time, Suman praises Devraj’s kindness for letting him come to the class while having dinner with the family. Anjali tells Suman that Vijay was also saying that Shravan is very good and can do anything if he gets more disciplined. On the other hand, Shravan tells his family that Vijay sees a spark in him but Kavita and Chachu say that he doesn’t do them a favour and they know their worth. Shravan tell them that he has to wake up at 5am for group studies so he asks who will wake him up. Everybody says that they cannot open their eyes so early in the morning. Devraj say that he should turn his spark into fire and wake up by himself. Shravan asks Avni to wake him up like usual but she refuses. Chachu agrees to wake him up. Shravan thanks him and says that he is even better than Bunty in friendship. He leaves. However, Rajinder isn’t willing to wake him up early because he wants to take revenge from Dadu for the way he insulted them.

Kanchan and Suman discuss if Shravan will come on time. Suman says that Vijay sees fire in him so she strust him too. Kanchan asks her to make a bet. Suman trusts Shravan so she accepts and hopes that he won’t break her trust.
Episode ends

Precap: Suman calls Shravan and asks him to come on time. Shravan says that he may come even earlier and asks her if they shall make a bet. Suman accepts to make a bet about it. The next morning Kavita and Chachi go to wake Shravan up, but finds cushions instead of Shravan on his bed when they removed the blanket. Shravan is not even at class. Suman thinks that Vijay’s mood got ruined because of Shravan. Kavita calls Bunty and tells him that Shravan is not at home and not even at the class and he has left a mess in the kitchen after making what seems like food for three days. Bunty wonders if he escaped and says that he should have informed him at least. Kavita tries to call Shravan whose phone vibrates in a car.