Faltu 10th March 2023 Written Update: Vishal worries Kanika by leaving the hospital!


Episode begins with Kinshuk chasing Rocky to put colours. Sid also chases him. Tanisha comes to Ayaan and says let’s dance. Ayaan says okay. Sid sees this. Sumitra comes and says see you face, your jealousy can be seen from far. Sumitra gets the smell so she says you have taken bhaang? Sid says I am okay. Sumitra says Janardhan can’t know about this, let me give you lemon. Sid says I don’t want lemon, I want Tanisha, I don’t want to live, I just want Tanisha. Sid starts to cry. Sumitra makes him sit and thinks today I want Govind so badly. Sumitra says you stay here, I will go bring lemon water. Rocky hides from Kinshuk. Rocky thinks to go as it’s 1pm almost. Rocky informa Amar to take care of food and all as he is leaving. Sumitra worries when she doesn’t find sid where she made him sit.

Here, Rocky sees Kanika keep her phone on table and go with Savita. Rocky goes to it and sees it ringing so she picks up. A voice comes saying I am Vishal. Kanika comes and Rocky gets shocked. Kanika says with whose permission did you receive it? Rocky says I just picked by mistake and thought to tell them that it will take 2 mins to give this phone to Kanika as you were not here. Kanika says where are you going? Rocky says I am going to play Holi with friends, I have completed my work and will be back soon. Rocky goes and worries for almost getting caught. Rocky meets his friends and they all leave.

Here, Kanika scolds Vishal to call her on Holi when her phone is almost not with her what if someone else or Ayaan picked up the phone. Vishal says but he didn’t right? I thought to inform you before leaving or else you would have felt more bad. Kanika says you are leaving? Vishal says yes I need to get freshness as this hospital is really not my kind of place, I want to party. Kanika says what if someone sees you, many people are searching for him. Vishal says I will take care. Vishal cuts the call. Tanisha comes to Kanika and asks what happened? Kanika says this Vishal is ruining it all, today that Rocky picked up the call what if Ayaan picked up the call? If Mittals get to know about this then my business the academy everything will get ruined. Ayaan says why your reputation is at risk? Kanika handles the matter by saying due to Vishal. Ayaan suggests to find more about Vishal. Ayaan informs Tanisha that he is leaving to give slum kids some things as he does this in every holi. Ayaan goes. Kanika tells Tanisha who can it be who is following her? Tanisha says what if it’s the blackmailed and things get ruined between me and Ayaan again? Kanika hugs her and calms her. Ayaan has come to slum kids when he spots Faltu with cricket set. Ayaan follows her to see if it’s really Faltu. Didi stops Faltu and she dances a bit when Ayaan watches her from far. Suddenly colours are thrown at Ayaan he misses to see Faltu and Faltu leaves for cricket. Ayaan tries to ask people here and there.

Ayaan asks Didi and says no I don’t know. Didi remembers how Faltu told her about not telling about her to anyone specially Ayaan. Suddenly, Ayaan gets a call from Tanisha to come back soon. Ayaan thinks where is Faltu? Where can I find her. Ayaan comes home and is lost in thoughts. Kanika and Savita try asking him. Ayaan says I am fine, I am having headache. Kinshuk says it’s all due to special thandai. Kumkum says I knew it. Savita asks Tanisha to give lemon water to Ayaan. Ayaan thinks about Faltu.

Episode ends.

Precap – Faltu is taunted by other players in the match. Faltu asks for a chance to play well.