Faltu 11th March 2023 Written Update: Faltu gets stopped by the judges from playing!


Episode begins with Rajan calling and asking about Faltu. Faltu says let’s not delay much now, let’s go. Didi calls Faltu and says Ayaan came to look for you, I didn’t tell them anything. Faltu thanks her and shares the same with her friends. She worries and her friends say to focus on cricket match. Faltu enters the venue when few people taunt Faltu about her news being viral. They call her gold digger. Faltu’s friends ask Faltu to not react infact show after playing. Rajan is angry as Faltu is late.

Other players tell Rajan about Faltu’s news being viral and how Faltu can’t play and just use herself to go ahead. Faltu asks Rajan to give her a chance as she knows how to play and she plays well, she needs to prove herself. Rajan says you will play on 12th number and if any player goes out then she will play, if god wants then she will play or else she will play next time. Faltu and her friends request him not to do this as Faltu plays well. Rajan says I am here to make money and I can’t disturb the team just by adding Faltu. Faltu gets sad. Faltu thinks nowadays my luck is not with me.

The match starts, Faltu joins in her outfit. Rajan sees his team is unable to play well and is unable to score. Faltu says I have played in such pitch, please let me play, I won’t disappoint you. Rajan doesn’t react so she goes back. One by one players get out and come and they don’t make many runs. Faltu again requests him. Rajan says I am already tensed so don’t increase it. The crowd says Rajan is a loser. Rajan is angry. Rajan scolds the guys for not being able to make many runs. Rajan says let this girl play, if she makes 4 runs that will be also much more than you all, why should I pay you when you play like this. Faltu gets happy and gets ready to enter the field.

Rajan says this is your last chance and if you want to prove you are a good player then the time is right now. Faltu nods and goes into the field. Everyone watches her and then the judges say Faltu was removed by Kanika for her misconduct. The judges stop Faltu from playing and say you can’t play this match. Faltu says can you please tell me why I can’t play as it’s a local tournament and not the academy match, you can’t levy any academy rules here.

Rajan comes and says you can’t deny any player from playing as we have paid the fees and your academy rules can’t be levied here. One assistant comes and says yes he is right. The judges says okay, we will give the prize and go why should we care so much. The match starts and Faltu hits a sixer when the fielder catches it but he is on boundary line so it’s counted as sixer. Everyone cheers for her. Here, Ayaan thinks how can I let her go? She had a cricket kit, she can’t practice today, she must be playing any tournament, there must be some match somewhere. Ayaan searches for matches and he sees the video where Faltu is playing.

Ayaan is about to go when Tanisha and family members come and ask him where is he going? Ayaan says I have some urgent work. Savita says it’s good you are feeling better as Tanisha arranged a surprise for you, you will make barbeque today for all of us. Kinshuk and Harsh says today will be fun. Ayaan worries saying today? Ayaan says barbeque needs planning and preparation so let’s do tomorrow. Harsh says don’t give reasons, we have done so you can’t cancel, Dadi and Govind are also coming for this.

Here, Faltu plays really well and the commentator also praises her skills. Faltu does her half century, 50 runs in 18 balls. Everyone claps and cheers for her. The judges also discuss how Faltu plays so well, and why does she need to do anything with the coach to go ahead in game, maybe she is right and she was fixed by someone in that video. Faltu gets out and she feels bad. Faltu remembers Ayaan saying are you missing any train of yours? You have to be patient, you have stay in the game till the wicket falls so let the ball come towards you. Flashback ends. Rajan also says to Faltu to calmly play next time and give her water. Everyone in the team praises her. Faltu thinks if things would have gone right then Ayaan would have been my coach, he has taught me so much.

Episode ends.

Precap – Faltu’s team wins the match and everyone praises Faltu even the judges.