Faltu 12th March 2023 Written Update: Faltu tries to get her hands on Kanika’s phone


The episode starts with Tanisha happy that Ayaan gave up his job for her love. She gets called and leaves. Ayaan feels a familiar presence and peace around him. He thinks about Faltu but reprimands himself for it. He decides to stop thinking about Faltu. He decides to stay calm around the house. He gets a call from his man. Ayaan instructs him to keep watching Faltu and collect as many details about Faltu. Faltu sees the sun going down. She decides to win the match somehow and leave the mansion. She wins the match and gets happy. She collects the prize and Faltu gets praised. She leaves with Rajan and Ayaan’s man sees it.

Ayaan’s father is happy that they get to taste Ayaan’s barbeque after so long. He asks Tanisha about Rocky and Tanisha says that he went to celebrate Holi with his friends. His father is happy thinking that te could get some peace in the House. Siddharth suggests playing games along with barbeque. Tanu likes the idea but wonders what to play. Sid asks her to leave it to him. Ayaan’s man calls him and says that he missed Faltu as she left and apologizes. Ayaan gets irked. Dadi too joined the barbeque. Ayaan’s father and mother suggest taking a walk for digestion. Sid suggests playing a love game. He keeps a Jenga game piece in front of everyone and suggests picking a number. Romantic tasks would be given for each number and the person must do it with their partner. His mother secretly asks what he’s trying to do. Sid says that he noticed how Ayaan’s face colour drained when he mentioned about the game. He says that he would like to see how uncomfortable he feels around Tanu. His mother appreciates his Idea.

Rocky cines there at the same time excited about the game. The game starts and Ayaan’s parents participate first. They pick a number and Sid gives them a task where his father has to propose to his mother with a rose. They do it and everyone claps for him. Chacha and Chachi take part next and they were asked to dance for a romantic number. Chachi feels shy but others convince her. They both start dancing and complete the task. He then invites Ayaan and Tanu for a game. Ayaan gets the task of kissing his wife’s neck. Ayaan gets shocked hearing it. Everyone urges him to complete the task. Ayaan goes forward but leaves unable to perform the task. Sid mocks Ayaan and Tanu gets upset over it. She covers up for Ayaan calling him shy and announces Chachi and Chachu as winners and leaves. Sid smirks about it.

Rocky wonders why Ayaan is hesitant when they both were worried about each other’s consent. However she decides to first find Kanika’s phone to get her clue. She secretly goes to her room and on the way bumps with Sid’s mother. However she gets relieved when she finds that she was sleeping. Faltu sneaks into Kanika’s room but finds a hard time to get her phone. However Kanika herself wakes up with a call and Faltu hides behind a sofa. Kanika gets call from Vishal who says that he’s partying in nearby club and will not return to hospital until the next morning. Kanika scolds him for the same while Faltu gets confused.

Precap: Faltu makes sound while sneaking out and hides seeing Ayaan. Ayaan sees the fallen plant and gets ready to attack the intruder.