Faltu 16th March 2023 Written Update: Vishal blackmails to expose Kanika!


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Episode begins with Ayaan knocking on Rocky’s door. Ayaan says I got some clothes for you. Ayaan thinks he is sleeping so deeply that he is unable to hear the knocking? Rocky asks his friend to help him reach Mittal house soon as he has come through the balcony and if anyone knocks then there will be an issue. Sid sees Ayaan knocking so he asks what’s the issue? Ayaan says Rocky is not answering at all, I am knocking from so long, I am worried if he is sick as he went to hospital today. Sid says it’s locked so should we break it?

Ayaan says let’s do it. They both break the door and doesn’t find Rocky. Sid sees balcony open and says maybe he went from the balcony. Ayaan says why will he go from there when main door is there. Rocky comes from washroom and says what are you both doing here? Ayaan says where were you? Rocky says I was in washroom. Sid says Ayaan was knocking and you didn’t say anything so we had to break the door. Rocky says one can’t go to the washroom with peace as well. They all laugh and Ayaan gives those clothes to Rocky and leaves. Rocky thinks thank god I came on time. Rocky adores Ayaan’s clothes and then thinks I can’t divert myself, I have to focus on getting the truth from Vishal and then confront Kanika.

Next day, Vishal is asking Namrata nurse about those two ward boys who was sent by her yesterday. Namrata says she sent no one and Vishal must be drunk as she sees the bottles. Namrata goes. Ward boys come, Rocky and his friend. Vishal says who are you both? Namrata said she didn’t send you. Rocky says yesterday you confessed all your mistakes and wrong deeds done by you so now you tell me who gave you money to do all this and don’t you dare lie to me. Vishal worries seeing the video. Vishal says did Faltu send you? Rocky removes his get up and becomes Faltu. Faltu says I had to find the truth, now tell me fast or I will make this video viral.

Vishal remembers how Kanika asked me to take Ayaan’s name. Vishal says please don’t viral this video, my career will be over. Vishal says it was Ayaan who wanted to ruin your career. Faltu says what? You are lying again, it was Kanika. Vishal says Kanika was just helping Ayaan as he is her son in law the actual person behind all this is Ayaan Mittal and why would I lie to you when my whole career is in your hand, I had no personal enmity from you, I did all this as I needed money. Faltu says you have any proof? Vishal says I have the bank message where the account name from where I received the money is Ayaan’s. Vishal shows the message while Faltu gets emotional and shocked. Faltu says but why will Ayaan do this?

Vishal makes Faltu think of how Ayaan always struggled for convincing Charan then bring Faltu to the city, then his accident and how he felt betrayed by her so all this made him frustrated so he decided to end your cricket career out of revenge. Faltu runs away on the roads and remembers all the moments with Ayaan.

Faltu falls on the road and thinks why did you do this to me Ayaan? How could you? I thought you would help me achieve my dreams. Faltu cries. Faltu’s friends come there and calm Faltu. Faltu says I will confront Ayaan and now we need to ask those three girls as well as Vishal must have notified Kanika and Ayaan about all this. Kanika gets a call from Vishal who informs her about everything. Kanika says good you took Ayaan’s name, my name shouldn’t come or else the person whose career will be at lost will be yours. Vishal says now I understand the game you want to play dirty by using my career as a pawn well I won’t let that happen, if my career is in jeapordy then I will not spare yours either, we both will go down together. Vishal cuts the call. Kanika becomes angry.

Tanisha panics thinking everything is going wrong Faltu will not sit silent after knowing this and will confront Ayaan then their names will be out. Tanisha says everyone leaves me, first dad now Ayaan will also leave me and at a point you too and I will die alone. Tanisha cries while Kanika calms her. Kanika says all evidence will be against Ayaan. Tanisha says but if Faltu comes here and creates a scene then Ayaan will never go to the farmhouse with us as planned. Kanika looks on. Here, Ajit has come with fresh farm veggies from his farm for Mittal family. Dadi appreciates his effort.

Savita says Rocky will keep this inside. Rocky sees Ajit from outside so he hides. Rocky remembers how as Faltu she made Ayaan believe that she married Ajit. Rocky fears if he will be recognised by Ajit. Dadi calls Ayaan to meet Ajit. Rocky worries if Ayaan creates a drama. Ayaan comes and is shocked to meet Ajit. Sumitra sees Rocky outside the door so she gets Rocky inside. Dadi and Savita ask Rocky to help make use of these vegetables to the best and keep them inside. Ajit sees him and says I have seen you somewhere. Rocky says maybe, but I haven’t seen you before. Rocky goes to help Amar keep the veggies. Ayaan asks Ajit to come with him as he needs to talk about something. They both leave. Rocky wonders what they must be talking about?

Episode ends.

Precap – Ayaan pledges to help Faltu no matter what and make her cricket career and dream a reality. Ayaan says no matter what I will stand by Faltu as I love Faltu a lot.

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