Faltu 16th November 2022 Written Update: Faltu’s disguise gets revealed


Faltu 16th November 2022 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Faltu going on the cricket ground to play the match. She gets scared seeing the opponent bowler. Meanwhile, the host starts announcing about the starting of the match, while the bowler throws a ball towards Faltu but she couldn’t able to play it and it hits her hard. She winces in pain while others laughs at her and starts passing comment that she won’t be able to play cricket. Whereas, Ayaan gets tensed about Faltu and keeps thinking about her. On the other side, Savita calls Kanika and invites her for the lunch.

Here, Kanika tells that she is busy and proclaims that she will join Mittals at the evening for engagement. Savita tells Janardan about it while he takes the call and ask Kanika to come for the lunch. He states that she is a family member now and tells that he have also taken a day off and advice her to do the same. He orders her to come along with Tanisha.

Kanika smiles at Janardan and agrees to join them for the lunch. He notify about it to Savita while she shows her worry regarding the truth of Ayaan’s past. Janardan ask her to stop thinking about it and proclaims that it has been years and no one will find about it. Savita becomes anxious while Janardan ask her to relax and prepare for the engagement of their son.

Elsewhere, Savita calls Suhanna while Ayaan recives the call. She ask that when they will reach, to which he notify ber about the delay of the flight. She gets shocked and notify him about the arrival of Kani ma and Tanisha. She states that they would expect him to be there, while he ask her to say sorry to them from his behalf.

Sumitra hears Savita’s conversation and smirks thinking about a ploy. Whereas, Savita notify Ayaan about the timing of his engagement and ask to arrive before that. He assures her and then hangs up the call, whereas Suhanna states that she can see he is not interested in his won engagement and is more drown towards Faltu’s match.

Ahead, Faltu starts hitting the ball incredibly. Everyone cheers for her while Pratap mistakenly calld her Faltu. Pappi got a message from his goons that Pratap is calling someone as Faltu, while he confronts Pratap’s mother about Anmol and then goes to the cricket match. Singh family also follows him while he interrupts the match.

Ayaan’s informer notify him about the drama while he ask the informer to follow Faltu’s family and orders to give every detail to him. He also prays for Faltu’s victory and states that he is waiting for the time when she will throw the money on Pappi’s face and will get rid of him. Whereas, Kanika ask Tanisha to select a ring for Ayaan while the latter replies that she doesn’t know about his preference and ask her mother to pick any of the ring she wants. Whereas, Kanika gets worried for Tanisha and Ayaan’s relationship.

Further, Pappi comes nears Anmol and taunts him. He then reveals her disguise while everyone becomes shocked. Charan tries to protect Faltu while Pappi takes the advice from the crowd and they all supported him. Faltu’s mother also comes for her rescue while she tries to run away from there but the goon holds her while Pappi declares to marry her forcefully. Whereas, Pratap also tries to save Faltu bit gets unsuccessful.

Precap:- Ayaan’s informer gives money to Charan and ask to stop Pappi and Faltu’s marriage. Pappi throws away the money and proclaims that it’s about his self respect. He determines to marry Faltu forcefully, while Ayaan hears it on the phone and rushes to save the latter. He runs away from the airport and takes the cab while Faltu gets ready as the bride unwilling and cries.

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