Faltu 18th March 2023 Written Update: Janardhan gives a warning to Rocky!


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Episode begins with Sid seeing a girl going from Rocky’s balcony so he thinks she must be Rocky’s girlfriend with whom he was going but he got late so he must have called her here. Sid says everyday Rocky makes fun of everyone tomorrow I will do that with him. Later, Faltu and her friends wait for the girls to split as if they catch them together then they will scream. Faltu decides to catch the leader of the group. The girl tries to get the auto when Faltu is the one driving it. The girl worries. Faltu’s friends come and prevent her from leaving. Faltu says Vishal has already given a statement in which he mentioned your name so you decide what you want to do. Girl says my name? Vishal can’t say that as I haven’t done anything.

Faltu says he has confessed it so it will be better if you also start confessing things. Faltu takes her to a place and makes her sit. Faltu shows a small clip from Vishal’s confession. Faltu asks her to tell the truth or else it won’t be good for her. Faltu asks her friend to start recording. Faltu asks who gave you the money to do all this? The girl remembers how Kanika said to take Ayaan’s name. The girl says Ayaan Mittal gave me money to do all this.

Faltu says it’s a lie, tell me the truth. Girl says why will I lie? I can show you the bank message I got. Faltu’s friends say she is so scared why will she lie, these rich brats are like this only they tell you something and do something else, Ayaan only took revenge from you now accept it. Girl is allowed to go so she smiles and goes. Faltu tells her friends how she needs to go to Mittal house and hear it from Ayaan as well what’s the truth.

Here, Tanisha tells Ayaan about her childhood time in the farmhouse. Tanisha says I had so much fun with dad and I was more close to him than mom but after dad, mom tried to be everything for me but I still missed my dad. Tanisha gets emotional. Ayaan says you are crying? Tanisha says it just feels that everyone I love goes away from me, I think dad sent you to me to take care of me, I am very possessive about Kanika and him so she doesn’t want to lose them. Ayaan looks on. Here, Faltu is in the room and cries.

Faltu talks to god how she is in a big confusion, how can Ayaan do this? I thought he was the one to help me and now he ruined my academy career? Why is this happening? Why are you testing me? Faltu cries. Faltu thinks of Vishal’s and that girl’s confession. Faltu says I don’t want to believe on them but the bank statement proof and the account name everything is pointing towards Ayaan.

Faltu remembers her moments with Ayaan. Faltu thinks why is Ayaan doing this with me? I know I don’t deserve him that is why I did so much for him and Tanisha to stay together, I always thought good for everyone and in return I am getting this. Faltu wipes her tears and says I will be strong and I will confront Ayaan, I won’t leave without hearing the truth from Ayaan.

Next day, Janardhan calls out for Rocky. Everyone gather’s up. Janardhan accuses Rocky for bringing girls to Mittal house as he himself saw a girl jump from his balcony yesterday night. Sid says yes uncle I also saw. Janardhan says you are a servant here not a member that you do this kind of act. Janardhan says none of our members also do this kind of cheap act, everyone praises you that doesn’t mean you will sit on our heads. Rocky worries. Ayaan says tell us if this is real? Savita says we didn’t think you can do this. Ayaan asks if the girl was your girlfriend? Rocky says yes, actually she came here to surprise me but when I saw her I asked her to go immediately, if I would have known earlier that she is planning this then I would have prevented it, sorry it won’t happen again.

Dadi says Don repeat this mistake, Janardhan I will take care of this now. Janardhan says this is the last warning if this happens you will be out. Rocky thinks I don’t want to stay here as well, I just want my work to be finished and then I will leave. Everyone leaves. Ayaan says so Kinshuk was right you wanted to go meet your girlfriend yesterday? You can trust me and share with me. Rocky says trust is rare nowadays. Rocky goes while Ayaan thinks what has happened to him? Here, Kanika and Tanisha think how Faltu went to take confession from academy girls. Kanika says it seems like Faltu is unable to believe that Ayaan did this to her. Tanisha fears that Faltu will come to confront Ayaan.

Kanika asks till now she has not done it or else Ayaan would have created a scene and even if he does we have proof against him. Tanisha says how Ayaan has gone for last minute work before going to farmhouse. Ayaan is seen coming to Faltu’s friends. They start running but Ayaan gets hold of them. Ayaan asks about where is Faltu, they say they don’t know. Ayaan says he knows they only made Faltu play talking to Rajan and it’s important for him to talk to Faltu. Faltu’s friends say we don’t know where is she now.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ayaan creates a social media page for Faltu. Faltu’s friends inform Faltu about how Ayaan came in search of her.

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