Faltu 19th December 2022 Written Update: Ayaan gets slapped by Janardan


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Episode starts with Ayaan apologising to Janardan. He begs his father to forgive him and says that he was helpless to hide the truth. He proclaims that he did everything in order to save Faltu and insists his father to give him one chance to prove his innocence. He cries in front of Janardan and declares that he can’t bear his anger and requests the latter to understand his situation. Meanwhile, Siddharth keeps provoking everyone against Ayaan and taunts him that he didn’t even cared about Janardan’s respect. He proclaims that Janardan was so proud at him, but Ayaan betrayed his trust.

Here, Ayaan gets furious at Siddharth and shouts at him to stop. He proclaims that Siddharth wish got fulfilled as he only wanted to make him fall down in front of everyone. He tells how Siddharth spiked Faltu’s drink and tried to make her drink alcohol without her consent. Everyone gets shocked learning about it, while Ayaan recalls how Faltu told him about the incident.

Sumitra rebukes Ayaan and ask not to point finger at her son. She proclaims that Ayaan himself did so many mistakes and now wanted to drag Siddharth also in it. Whereas, Sid takes rhe blanes and proclaims that he did tried to make Faltu drink the alcohol as he only wanted her tk confess the truth. He says that everyone was present there, when he was asking questions to Faltu.

Elsewhere, Ayaan comes in front of Faltu and apologises to her stating that he did what he can. She cries and stops him from saying any further. She ask him not to make her feel low and states that he have done a lot for her. She goes in front of Janardan and ask him to forgive Ayaan. She takes all the blame upon herself and declares that he just wanted to help her.

Faltu starts praising Ayaan and proclaims that no one have such a pure heart as his. She ask Savita to feel proud of her son and insists Janardan and other family members to forgive Ayaan. She states that he is in trouble because of her, while Janardan stays silent. Kanika lashes out at them and outs accusations on ayaan. She sees her daughter crying and rebukes Ayaan for causing pain to her.

Ahead, Kanika reminds Ayaan about her warning and proclaims that she won’t spare him. She then ask Janardan to say something to Ayaan. She questions that if Janardan already knew about the truth? She misbehaves with Janardan stating that he was only interested in the money, while Ayaan gets furious at her and ask to stay silent. Janardan slaps him for misbehaving with Kanika and says that Ayaan betayed his trust. He shows his disappointment towards Ayaan and goes to his room.

Ayaan confronts Tanisha and apologizes to her also. She shows her pain in front of him and declares to break her engagement. She returns back the engagement ring and goes away along with Kanika. The latter determines to take her revenge from Mittals while Faltu comes there and tries to stop them. She begs them and holds their legs asking them to understand Ayaan. She says that he did everything just for her and request Tanisha to give him a chance.

Further, Kanika lashes out at Faltu and points finger at her and Ayaan’s relationship. The latter replies that Ayaan helped her only because their dreams were same. Tanisha thinks about the matter and decides to talk to Ayaan. Kanika agrees to her decision. Faltu gets elated and brings them inside the house. Sid and Sumitra mocks Ayaan while Dadi scolds them. Faltu tells everyone about Tanisha’s decision, while Sid proclaims that Janardan will never agree for rhe marriage. Whereas, Faltu decides to talk to Janardan and convince him.

Precap:- Faltu takes her bag and decides to leave from Mittals house. She proclaims that she will pray from her heart for Ayaan and Tanisha’s wedding. She ask the family members to start preparing for it. She gets teary eyes and starts walking away, while Ayaan ask her to stop. Everyone looks at him being stunned.

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