Faltu 1st March 2023 Written Update: Ayaan gets a shocking news from Charan!


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Episode begins with Faltu’s friends asking Ayaan to go as it’s late at night plus Faltu is no here. Ayaan looks here and there. Ayaan goes. Faltu comes and thinks Ayaan left his honeymoon for me, but I can’t take his help and why does he care. Ayaan thinks I just want to know if Faltu is okay or not. Ayaan leaves the chawl. Tanisha thinks to check on Ayaan once as it’s late already. Tanisha sees the study room door locked so she tries to knock and calls out for Ayaan but no response comes. Tanisha worries and call everyone. Everyone comes and worries for Ayaan. Sumitra says what if Ayaan did something to himself as he was not well. Savita worries more and they all ask Ayaan to open the door. They break the lock and see Ayaan sleeping on table. Savita calls for Ayaan and he pretends to wake up. Savita says you made us worried by not responding. Ayaan says I felt tired and so I slept and didn’t realise. Tanisha says let’s go and sleep Ayaan. They all leave. Sid sees the mud footprints and shows Sumitra how Ayaan went to meet Faltu, this is true love and family is not able to comprehend this.

Next day, Faltu asks Charan to go to Ittarpur and take care of his health. Charan says how can I leave you here alone? Faltu says chawl people are here to help me, so you don’t worry and go for my sake, just help me by calling Ayaan and telling him that we went to Ittarpur as Ayaan came to chawl yesterday. Charan agrees. Charan says I want to help you but I understand your concern. Faltu says thank you dad, you just take care of yourself and home, I will manage here and hopefully next time you will come then you will see my cricket skills.

Tanisha asks Ayaan to get ready fast for the appointment. Ayaan gets ready. Tanisha sees a wound on Ayaan’s hand and asks about it. Ayaan says I also just saw. Ayaan starts to leave. Tanisha thinks Ayaan is so much in pain, I never realised. Ayaan gets Charan’s call and tells him how he is trying to find him a d Faltu as he wants to hell them and won’t reveal their location. Charan says we will manage and we are both going to Ittarpur. Ayaan is shocked and tries to explain but Charan cuts the call. Ayaan feels sad. Here, Faltu is listening to rhe video ans wondering what is it’s connection with Mittal house? why did Vishal did this? Faltu wonders. In the car, Ayaan tells Tanisha how Faltu and Charan went back to village as Faltu’s cricket profile got affected so much, I feel it’s all my fault I couldn’t take the responsibility and help her, instead I left her on roads. Tanisha feels upset as Ayaan is again talking about Faltu.

Faltu is with her friends planning to live near Mittal house and then looking for job. One of them says my sister lives in a chawl infront of Mittal house so she is arranging something for Faltu. Faltu says really? Thank you, job I will manage let’s see. Another friend comes and says I have a perfect idea, you want to play cricket again? Faltu says but how? I am banned from all the academies. He says there are many local cricket matches happening and for this you can register as an individual and winners get prize money. Faltu says wow, thank you so much, I want to do this. They all go to talk to the person in charge. Here, Kanika pays Vishal and the girls. Kanika asks Vishal to go underground for some time. Vishal says but you said you will hire me. Kanika says I always keep my words and once the matter cools down I will call you back. Kanika asks them all that if anyone asks them who made them do this then they should take Ayaan’s name. Vish gets happy and says that would be great, I am happy to do that as he is my enemy. Kanika also tells them that if any of them ever try to tell the truth to anyone, then she will ruin their career like she did with Faltu. They all agree and leave. Kanika thinks I can do anything for my daughter and if I need to teach Ayaan a lesson, I will. Faltu and his friends come to nearby chawl when Faltu hides seeing Mittal house’s servant there. Faltu hears their conversation where the helper says Mittals are looking for a good cook who cooks with hygiene. The lady says but no one agrees to work there as they need quality of work. The helper says it’s urgent so let me know. Faltu says it’s great idea, I can go as a cook, they won’t hire Faltu but they will hire a good cook.

Episode ends.

Precap – Faltu gets determined to clear her name and proof herself.

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