Faltu 22nd January 2023 Written Update: Faltu gets suspicious about the doctor


Faltu 22nd January 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Faltu going to the eye camp along with Charan and Pratap. They meets a doctor and tells him about Faltu’s state, while the latter says that their previous doctor have already informed them about the truth. He says that they immediately have to perform the operation in order to bring Faltu’s eyesight back. Charan makes a request to the doctor and proclaims that they are ready to do anything and insists him to help his daughter. The doctor assures them and sends them to a doctor stating that he will do the operation without any fees and proclaims that Faltu will surely get her eye sight back.

Here, Faltu and Charan gets hopeful and moves towards the other doctor. She tells her father that he have already done a lot for her and states that they will accept what ever will be the result of the operation. Meanwhile, Siddharth gives the phone to Tanisha which he got from the priest.

Siddharth got the phone repaired and tells Tanisha that they can find some clue about the marriage in it. Tanisha gets elated and shows her gratitude towards Siddharth for helping her in bringing out the truth. She hugs him while he smirks and proclaims to get her in his life anyhow.

Elsewhere, Tanisha opens the video and sees it along with Siddharth. They sees how Ayaan was beating the goons of Pappi while they keeps attacking them. Then suddenly the video got stopped and she becomes furious. She proclaims that they need to find about the whole truth. Siddharth calms her down and assures that he will do anything to help her.

Faltu comes out of the eye camp along with her father and brother. Her neighbors sees her and ask about the matter, to which she tells them regarding the verdict of the doctor. They assures that Faltu will surely get fine and advice them to go to the other doctor for the operation. Meanwhile, Siddharth’s agent hears the conversation and notify about it to him.

Ahead, Siddharth smirks after learning about the matter and gets a plan. He tells Tanisha that they still have a way to find the truth and proclaims that they will make Faltu confess it on her own. The latter gets happy and agrees to his plan. Meanwhile, Tanisha tries to get close to Ayaan at night but he pretends to be asleep.

Ayaan feels bad for Tanisha and apologises to her for not giving her all the rights of a wife. He struggles within himself regarding his feelings and then gets flashes of Faltu. Meanwhile, Siddharth and Tanisha meets the doctor and tries to convince him to help them with their plan. He denies stating that it is wrong, but Siddharth bribes him with money.

Further, the doctor gets convinced with Siddharth’s deal. Faltu visits the doctor while he makes her sit on a chair and puts wire on her. He starts questioning her about her life while she gets suspicious and denies to give any answer to him. Siddharth and Tanisha keep looking at her from aside and ask the doctor to do something to make her confess the truth.

Precap:- The doctor keeps questioning Faltu and ask her to tell the truth. She gets into semi-consious state and blabbers about her marriage. He ask that who filled her hair line inside the temple, while Siddharth and Tanisha gets restless to hear the truth. Faltu takes Ayaan’s name while Sid smirks and Tanisha gets shattered. Siddharth holds the latter as she cries and tries to console her.

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