Faltu 28th February 2023 Written Update: Faltu gets a solid proof against Vishal!


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Episode begins with Janardhan says it’s my fault I made him learn to help friends unconditionally. Sid’s dad says I have a friend who is a counsellor so I can call him. Janardhan asks Ayaan, you will go right? Ayaan says yes. Janardhan appreciates it. Tanisha says I am sorry Ayaan, I couldn’t understand your pain even when you were telling me about your feelings, I am with you in this and will help you. Janardan says I will book the next flight for you both. Ayaan says I won’t be able to go in this mental state as I don’t want to make Tanisha feel lonely there. Tanisha says he is right, we can go later. Janardhan says thanks for understanding Tanisha, I know Ayaan and Tanisha’s relationship is important for Tanisha and business, so don’t worry Kanika, I consider Tanisha my daughter, and if there would be an issue, then I wouldn’t have suggested this solution and Ayaan wouldn’t have agreed. Kanika says I am sorry I become worried seeing tears in Tanisha’s eyes so I react. Janardhan says I know.

Faltu sees some bad dream so she wakes up, she thinks to switch on the phone and she sees Ayaan’s 5 missed calls. Faltu thinks Ayaan went to foreign then how come. Faltu’s friends call her outside so she goes. They show Faltu a video they took from the ground. Faltu sees the video where Vishal is talking to someone saying it’s becoming difficult as some media people are asking twisted questions, and I fear if the truth really comes out of Faltu being innocent. Vishal says I hope Ayaan doesn’t step in or else he will bring the past things and our fights, I am sure you now being part of Mittal family can manage this, also my account seems empty I hope you will take care of it. Faltu and her friends talk about who can it be who is associated with Mittal. Faltu thanks her friends. They all say we believe in you Faltu, as we have seen you play and we believe that you will make us proud. Faltu thanks them and asks to sleep as it’s late. They all go.

Tanisha informs Ayaan that they booked a better counsellor than the one Gobind suggested, we will go there and when you share your feelings with him. Ayaan nods. Here, Faltu thinks why all tests are being taken from poor people only, is it just because we don’t have proper resources? I will prove to everyone how I am innocent and I won’t give up. She starts playing cricket removing rhe obstacles infront of her. At night, Ayaan wakes up thinking about Faltu and thinks how Janardhan requested him not to think about this but he is unable to. Tanisha also wakes up asking if everything is fine. Ayaan says yes, I just need some time and fresh air, I am going outside. Tanisha agrees. Tanisha thinks how can Ayaan think for Faltu so deeply.

Tanisha feels upset. Ayaan thinks Faltu must be in chawl. Ayaan leaves. Savita tries to ask Janardhan the full thing Ayaan shared. Janardan says I told you all that was the truth, nothing else. Savita feels there is more to it. In the chawl, Ayaan reaches and tries to find Faltu’s place. Faltu plays cricket and one of her friends for her. Some boys see Faltu and talk about how she plays so well so it seems she can’t do what the media is saying. One guy says you never know these girl’s do make rich friends to go up. Ayaam hears the sound of cricket so he follows it to find Faltu.

Episode ends.

Precap – Faltu thinks who can it be in the Mittal house helping Vishal? Faltu thinks of ways going to Mittal house.

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