Faltu 2nd February 2023 Written Update: Faltu’s emotional promise to Tanisha


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Episode starts with Faltu meeting Ayaan and gets emotional after seeing his state. She cries and prays for his recovery. She holds his hand and narrates how she is hiding the truth from him in order to make his and Tanisha’s life easier. She proclaims that he is her husband who filled her hairline in the temple and declares that she will always keep it as a secret. She says that she won’t let anyone know about the truth and then goes away from there. Meanwhile, Tanisha comes towards Ayaan’s cabin after meeting Siddharth. Ayaan starts getting attack and his body jerks, Tanisha notices him and gets shocked.

Here, Tanisha immediately calls the doctor and goes inside Ayaan’s cabin. She cries seeing his state and tries to hold him. She panics after seeing him loose control over his body and ask the doctor to do something. The doctor tries to calm her down but she gets restless. He ask her not to interfere in his procedure and make the nurse send Tanisha out of the cabin.

Tanisha denies to go away from Ayaan while the nurse forcefully sends her away. The doctor checks Ayaan and starts treating him. He then comes out and apologizes to Tanisha for forcing her to leave. He states that she was making the situation complicated by panicking.

Elsewhere, the doctor tells that Ayaan is fine but questions that why he got such attack suddenly? Tanisha replies that she doesn’t know about the cause as she went outside and when she came back, Ayaan was getting an attack. The doctor tells that maybe it is due to some flashes which Ayaan i seeing in his sleep.

Tanisha calls Janardan and tells him that Ayaan is fine and the doctor agrees to discharge him. Savita gets elated and ask Tanisha to come back as soon as possible along with Ayaan. Meanwhile, Janardan also shows his concern towards Tanisha and ask her to look after herself as well. Dadi ask Kinsukh to bring Tanisha from the hospital, while Govind says that Siddharth is there only.

Ahead, Janardan feels proud of Siddharth and says that he is taking all the responsibilities. Meanwhile the nurses tries to find Faltu and then finally sees her. They scolds her for going away from the cabin while the doctor comes to check her and gives a good news to her family that the operation went successful and assures that Faltu will get her eyesight back.

Faltu’s family shows their gratitude towards the doctor and then takes the latter away from there. Meanwhile, Siddharth and Tanisha meets them and tells the latter about the money she paid for her operation. She says that she wanted to fulfill all the promises done by Ayaan to Faltu and then ask her to stay happy in her life, so that Ayaan also can live along with her without any tension.

Further, Faltu assures Tanisha that she won’t come in between Ayaan and her. She holds Tanisha’s leg and proclaims that she won’t ever forget her favour. Tanisha smirks as her plan gets successful to keep Faltu away from Ayaan. Meanwhile, the latter gets consciousness and ask about Faltu, to which Tanisha assures him that she is alright. Whereas, Siddharth proclaims to flop Tanisha’s plan and says that he will make her his anyhow.

Precap:- Tanisha meets Ayaan and says that he was stressed because of the promise he has given to Charan. She continues that she fulfilled all his promises so that he can ne tension free. He holds her hand and says that now he decided not to take tension for anything. He proclaims to focus on their life and says that Faltu and her family is selfish. He states that he have done so much for them but they never valued it. Tanisha smirks seeing his reaction while Siddharth gets silent hearing their conversation.

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