Faltu 2nd November 2022 Written Update: Faltu decides to participate in cricket competition


Faltu 2nd November 2022 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Jamana screaming in pain during her delivery. Her husband Charan gets anxious and keeps praying to the God. He looks at his three daughters being tensed, while his brother Ratan assures him that Jamana will surely deliver a baby boy. His wife also fakes her support towards Charan, while Jamana again gives birth to a girl. Everyone gets disheartened but they waits for her to deliver the other baby, as she was carrying twins. Finally, the latter delivers a baby boy and Charan holds him happily in his arms.

Here, Ratan and his wife fakes their congratulations towards Charan while the latter gets tensed as his son doesn’t starts crying. Ratan’s wife takes the baby in her hands and gets shocked stating that he is already dead. Everyone starts mourning while she blames the baby girl for the death of him. Jamana starts crying while Charan picks the baby girl in his hands.

Charan ask about the name of his daughter while Ratan proclaims that she is inauspicious and names her Faltu. Meanwhile, Faltu faces daily criticism due to her name and gets teased by her classmates. Everyone makes fun of her name, while she decides to quit her studies and left the school.

Elsewhere, Ratan snatches the head of the family position from Charan by stating that he doesn’t have any son. Ratan feels proud of his two sons Som and Pratap. Faltu gets furious seeing her father giving his position to Ratan and stands against it. She gets scolded by Ratan and his wife.

Charan takes Faltu aside and makes her understand that the position doesn’t matters to him. He shows his confidence of Faltu and ask her to achieve whatever she wants. He always encourages his daughter while she complains about her name and says that everyone teases her. Whereas, he shows his trust upon Faltu and ask her not to take anyone’s word to her heart.

Ahead, Faltu grows up and plucks mangoes from the tree. Her cousin brother gets impressed by her batting skill and request her to come for the cricket competition but ahe denies and goes away. She gets into a banter with Ratan’s wife while Jamana also taunts Faltu for being useless. Meanwhile, she proclaims to do something big in her life.

Ayaan gets inside his shop and stops a guy from misbehaving with the manager. The latter blames their cricket bat for his bad performance while Ayaan says it depends on the player and not on the bat. The latter challenges Ayaan while he plays a round with them and wins the match. He recalls his past while everyone appreciates his skill. His friend questions him about his decision to quit cricket and joining the business, to which he replies that he done have any place of cricket in his life and wants to handle his business.

Further, Ayaan’s father calls him and ask to go directly to Ittarpur, Rajasthan to set their business. Su requests him to go along with her cousin brother Ayaan and gets the permission. Ayaan’s mother reminds her husband about Kanika coming for Ayaan’s marriage proposal and states that he needs to be there, to which Janardan states that his son will never disobey his decision and proclaims that he will fix Ayaan’s marriage. Whereas, Su and Yaan reaches Ittarpur and mingles with the natives.

Faltu sees Ratan removing her father’s name plate and replaces it with his. Charan gets upset and confronts Ratan about it while the latter replies that his son will extend their business and proclaims that Charan’s daughters can’t handle the family business. Meanwhile, Faltu gets furious and decides to earn money. She goes to the cricket competition and decides to play.

Precap:- Faltu proclaims to play cricket but the boys denies to let her play along with them. The audience ask her to behave like a girl while she states that there isn’t any rule that a girl can’t play cricket. They ask her to come forward while she nervously walks there looking at the crowd, while Ayaan also reaches there.