Faltu 3rd December 2022 Written Update: Siddharth fails to expose Ayaan


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Episode starts with Pappi and Ratan accusing Ayaan for eloping along with Faltu from her marriage. They puts blame on him while the latter denies all the allegations. Faltu takes a stand for herself and speaks against Pappi. She says that he wanted to marry her forcefully and that is why she ran away from her house. She also lies that she haven’t taken anyone’s help and did everything on her own. She tries to save Ayaan but Pappi proclaims that she is lying and Ayaan was the one who manipulated Faltu to leave from her marriage. He ask Janardan to return back his bride, so that he can go away from there.

Here, Siddharth plays his move and sees the travelling history of their family which was sended by the airlines. Janardan states that they always send their travelling data, as they fly quite often. Siddharth tells that this can prove, whether Ayaan is speaking the truth or not. He ask his father to check if Ayaan and Faltu came from the same flight?

Govind holds the paper and starts reading it while Faltu and Ayaan gets worried. The latter prays to god to save them, while Rijula and Alok also gets tensed. Meanwhile, Govind replies that Faltu and Ayaan came to Mumbai on the same time in the same plane. Everyone gets shocked hearing it while Faltu gets nervous. Rijula tries to handle the situation and states that the important thing is that Faltu doesn’t want to marry Pappi.

Elsewhere, Rijula says that they should help Faltu in order to protect her from goons like Pappi. Tanisha gets shocked finding about the truth and says that Ayaan betrayed her trust. She starts crying and accuses Ayaan for lying to her, while Kanika consoles her daughter and becomes furious at Ayaan for hurting her. She reminds the latter about her warning and proclaims that she won’t leave him.

At that time Ayaan stays firm on his statement and says that he isn’t lying to anyone. He thinks about the trust of his father upon him and then thinks about Faltu. He determines to protect the latter and states that he can do anything to save her. He ask Govind to tell the seat numbers of Faltu and him. He recalls that while taking the flight both Faltu and his seat was on different classes. He decides to use the information.

Ahead, Govind tells the seat numbers while Siddharth tries to manipulate everyone against Ayaan. He starts his drama and apologises to Tanisha from Ayaan’s side. He shows his fake concern while Ayaan stays firm on his decision. He proclaims that if he had to come with Faltu, then they would have seated together. He proclaims that it was a mere coincidence that they came to Mumbai in the same time.

Rijula comes forward and states that when she met Faltu the latter was alone. Tanisha then questions that Ayaan was helping someone in Ittarpur while he calls a person in front of them and puts the phone on speaker. He ask the latter if everything os fine, to which the person shows his gratitude towards Ayaan for helping him. Ayaan then ask that if anyone wants to ask him something else? Faltu replies to the last question that they money to come to Mumbai was given by her father.

Further, Pappi tries to take Faltu away from there forcefully but Mittals stopped them. Ayaan comes forward and declares that he will never let Faltu go along with them. Dadi and other family members tries to convince Janardan while he also gives permission to Faltu in order to stay in their house till Ayaan’s wedding. Whereas, Siddharth sends Pappi and Ratan away from the house. Meanwhile, Faltu goes along with Ayaan and Tanisha in their car. The latter apologises to Tanisha for all the mess while she assures him. Faltu teases them but gets scolded by Tanisha.

Precap:- Faltu gets inside Mittals house and sees Ayaan and Tanisha getting married. She looks at them being sad, while Suhanna sees her and ask to make the video. Ayaan looks at Faltu and then makes Tanisha wear the garland, while the latter does the same with him. Whereas, Faltu gets disheartened seeing it and tries to hide her feelings for Ayaan.

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