Faltu 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Ayaan remembers Faltu after tasting Rocky’s dish!


Faltu 3rd March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with other cooks saying Rocky is a kid, how can we compete with him, look at him he can’t handle the work. Dadi says Amar you should have checked. Savita says Rocky you are very young and wont be able to manage. Savita says we are a joint family. Rocky says I have worked in Javed Akhtiyaar’s kitchen and in many actors’ kitchen. Kinshuk says really? Rocky says yes, so don’t judge me by my face, I am here for competition and after tasting my food you can decide.

Tanisha asks if we have met before? Rocky says you might have seen me in posters. Rocky says let’s start the competition or time will get over in my stories only. Harsh announces the rules and says you have limited time and after tasting we will announce the winner. Rocky takes out his knife and spatula so Govind asks her why have you got this here? When we have provided you with everything?

Rocky says this is blessed from Hanuman ji. Rocky says how he came to enter bollywood but all his auditions failed so he went to pray to Hanuman ji and slept in mandir, next day he saw this spatula and knife so he decided to cook rather than act. Faltu prays to god to help her get the job and culprit. The competition starts. Suhana and Kinshuk discuss how Rocky is so entertaining to watch cook and in general as well. Kanika comes and calms Tanisha by whispering to her about how she has handled it all. They all watch the competition. Kinshuk asks Suhana to call Ayaan and Sid. She goes.

Ayaan is on call and is frustrated to know that Vishal is no where to be found and his last phone location was in the academy, there is no flight ticket so maybe he went by road. Ayaan says how is that possible, we should get some clue atleast. Ayaan gets angry. Call ends and Ayaan thinks should I ask Kanika? But she knows about my and Vishal’s past and she might take it wrongly.

Ayaam worries. Suhana comes and asks Ayaan to come for the competition as they have a celebrity cook Rocky. Ayaan is made to come to the competition. Sid also comes. The competition ends. Tasting of food starts when everyone takes their food. One contestant acts rudely with Dadi when she doesn’t like the food. Then finally, Rocky brings his food. Dadi asks Ayaan to taste first. Rocky worries but takes it to him. Ayaan says it’s so tasty. Everyone tastes it. Tanisha thinks Ayaan has smiled after a long time. Rocky says I also have no oil soup for Dadi. Dadi appreciates Rocky. Rocky says how he learnt diet food from an actors’ house. Tanisha says from Ayaan and Dadi’s feedback it seems Rocky is final. Rocky dances and everyone smiles. Ayaam comes towards Rocky. Rocky stops dancing.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rocky asks everyone to send their list of likes and dislikes. By mistake she talks like a girl shocking everyone.

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