Faltu 4th February 2023 Written Update: Charan gets a heart attack


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Episode starts with Faltu thinking about Ayaan and takes her phone in order to call him. She tries to learn about bis condition and scrolls to find the number of his caretaker in her phone. At that time Lajwanti comes there and scolds Faltu for surfing the phone. She reminds the latter about the problem it will cause to her eyes and ask the latter to be careful. She takes away the phone from Faltu, while the latter tells that she was trying to call Ayaan in order to find about his state. She says that she wants to know if he is fine or not?

Here, Faltu tries to avoid any suspicion and tells Lajwanti that Ayaan has helped her as well as their family a lot of times and it’s their duty to get concerned for him. Lajwanti sits along with Faltu and ask if the latter have feelings for Ayaan? To which Faltu gets shocked and lies to her stating that she doesn’t have any feelings for him.

Faltu handles the situation by cooking up some lies and convinces Lajwanti to help her. The latter says that if they will call from their number then Mittals will gets suspicious and tells an idea to Faltu. She proclaims that she knows someone who can help them.

Elsewhere, Lajwanti goes out to bring Amar and tells Faltu that he is her friend and is a nice guy. She praises Amar in front of Faltu and says that he can lend his phone to them in order to ask about Ayaan’s health. Faltu recalls the incident when Lajwanti went out late at night and thinks that maybe Lajwanti went to meet Amar that day.

Faltu gets suspicious about Lajwanti and Amar’s relationship while he gives his phone to her. Faltu makes a call and ask about Ayaan. She gets elated upon learning that he is fine and is recovering fast. Meanwhile, Kanika meets Ayaan and Tanisha. She sees the latter taking care of Ayaan and says that he is lucky to have her.

Ahead, Kanika ask Ayaan not to worry about the business and assures that they are handling it well. She then ask Tanisha to come along with her and tells her that Janardan isn’t happy about her decision to help Faltu. The latter says that Ayaan still have feelings for Faltu and she needs to end it. She proclaims that she can’t live without Ayaan and they have to hide the truth about his and Faltu’s marriage.

Kanika assures that everything will get fine while Tanisha tells her that she is bringing Faltu back to Mittal house in order to create distance in between Ayaan and her. Kanika gets shocked by her plan and shows her concern but Tanisha assures that she can handle the situation. She then looks after Ayaan but he states that he can manage himself and sends her away.

Further, Faltu gets a call from Jamuna and she notify her about Charan getting a heart attack. Faltu and Lajwanti gets shocked. Jamuna tells how Pappi, Ratan and Angoori lashes out at Charan and is responsible for his state. Faltu determines to go back to Ittarpur while Lajwanti gets worried. Faltu encourages her and assures that they can fave any situation.

Precap:- Faltu faces Ayaan and proclaims that she will return each and every bit of money which they have given to her. Ayaan mocks her and ask who will give job to her as she is illiterate. Faltu gives a befitting reply to Ayaan and aak him not to worry about it as she will do anything to return back his money. She declares that she is even ready to become anyone’s servant. Ayaan ask her to becomes their maid and taunts that of she gets scared? To which she accepts his offer and challenges him.

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