Faltu 6th March 2023 Written Update: Rocky saves Ayaan’s life in the nick of time!


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Episode begins with everyone saying the food looks so tasty. Tanisha says we will eat food later, this party is about the homeworks counselor gave us, so we will play some games to test our compatibility and you all will be judges. Tanisha and Ayaan sit to play a game where they will take out chits and they both will answer it about their partners. During the game Tanisha and Ayaan say all the wrong answers about each other while Sid gives all the right answers about Tanisha. Govind says Sid knows everything about Tanisha as they are best friends. Tanisha gets upset while Kanika tries to cheer her up by saying it’s just a game.

Then they all have kebabs, and praise it. Rocky feels happy. Then Rocky sees Amar give kebab to Ayaan when Rocky worries and throws the kebab from his hand. Everyone gets shocked. Rocky says this has sweet potato in it and Ayaan is allergic so I stopped. Savita says thank god Ayaan is alright. Dadi also thanks Rocky. Dadi says but you came here today then how did you know about it? Rocky gets silent and then says Amar told me about it when I was cooking. Amar says I did? Rocky says yes you did, that’s why Ayaan is saved, Thanks Amar ji. Everyone thanks him. Kumkum asks Tanisha how can she keep a dish like this in the menu, she should know about Ayaan’s allergies. This makes Tanisha upset. Kanika says no issues keep it in mind next time. Rocky says let’s see the next game. Govind says yes it was fun.

Savita says what is the next game? Tanisha says next compatibility test is of me and Ayaan having a balloon in between them and they will walk towards the finish line to prove their compatibility. Tanisha asks Janardhan and others to join but they ask Ayaan and Tanisha to play. Tanisha and Ayaan start playing the game but the balloon falls very soon both the time. Rocky suggests to look at each other’s eyes instead of focusing on balloon. Ayaan says it is easy to say and difficult to do. Dadi and everyone ask Rocky to show it. Rocky and Ayaan start doing the game and they reach the finish line by looking into each other’s eyes. Everyone claps. Tanisha says now we can do it. Ayaan says it was out of luck, it cannot happen again by me, let’s eat.

Tanisha says I have something for you Ayaan, I know we might need to know each other more but we are compatible with each other as we have gone through so many challenges. Tanisha makes Ayaan dance and they give a couple performance after that they all dance with family. Rocky goes inside to set the plate when he sees one of his hairs coming out so he looks into the plate and tries to fix it when Ayaan comes and asks him to give a glass of water and why are you looking at a plate. Rocky says Kareena Kapoor taught me to love myself and for that you don’t need a mirror it can be seen on plates as well. Ayaan laughs.

Rocky is about to go when he falls and Ayaan catches him and they have an eye contact. They both stand up. Tanisha is happy seeing Ayaan laugh. Rocky goes. Ayaan says Rocky is such a funny guy. Tanisha thinks counsellor’s advice is working and Ayaan is staying happy without Faltu and also Rocky is turning out to be my lucky charm. Later in the dinning table everyone praises the food so Rocky asks for nek from Janardhan so he gives some money to him. Later, Kanika is leaving when Savita and Tanisha convince her to come on Holika Dahan and stay for the night for Holi as Mittal’s Holi event is the best. Kanika agrees. Kanika is about to leave when Rocky complements Kanika’s beauty and says you look like sister of Tanisha. Kanika calls him naughty and blushes. Kanika leaves. Rocky thinks I have to be naughty to get close to your phone.

Episode ends.

Precap – lights go off in the house, Rocky is changing into Faltu when he realises Ayaan is also in the same room so she changes back into Rocky before the lights come.

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