Faltu 7th March 2023 Written Update: Sid finds Faltu’s real location!


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Episode begins with Sid talking to Dutta who says Faltu is not here only her family is here. Sid says Faltu is not here and not in Ittarpur, then where she is? Dutta says Papi always gets to know when Faltu comes to village, why will I lie? Call ends and Sumitra comes. Sumitra says I came to cheer you up but you are seeing yourself on mirror, you will get nazar if you see too much. Sid says I just talked to Dutta and he said Faltu is not there and Faltu is not in Mumbai as well so where is she? Sumitra says where did she go leaving the dream city? They get shocked seeing Rocky on the door.

Sumitra says from how long you are here? You were listening to our talks? Rocky says I have zero interest in listening, I came to give food for Sid as he didn’t eat. Sid says so keep the tray and go. Rocky keeps the tray and waits. Sid says now what? You want to feed me? Rocky says I wanted you to taste it and tell me how it is? Sid says don’t be over friendly with me and next time remember to knock. Rocky goes. Faltu thinks why is Sid so worried for me?

Here, Ayaan comes to the room and is shocked. Tanisha has decorated the room romantically and comes wearing a white night suit. She tries to get intimate with Ayaan but he hestitates. Tanisha says we have to follow the instructions of counsellor then only it will benefit us. Tanisha again starts getting close when Ayaan gets distant and Tanisha says counsellor asked us to increase our intimacy and you were in good mood today so I thought to take step forward and we have to take small steps as things won’t happen suddenly.

Tanisha kisses Ayaan on neck and then Ayaan gets up and says I am sorry Tanisha I have an upset stomach so I won’t be able to and I am going to walk. Tanisha says I understand, maybe I hurried a bit. Ayaan thinks till the time I have Faltu in my mind I can’t take things forward with Tanisha, I am not someone who takes advantage of two girls when not sure about feelings. Ayaan goes out. Tanisha thinks it’s okay Tanu, take baby steps. Faltu comes to meet Faltu’s friends, they both show Faltu video of her cricket academy roommates who are doing shopping and clubbing nowadays. Faltu says they are not that rich that means they got some money and so much money can’t come so soon that means they were paid for the things they did to me.

Friends suggest to threaten to girls today and make them confess the secret. Faltu says let’s wait till Holi as then Kanika is coming and I can access her phone then we can get some clues. Friends say you remember right that you have matches that day which can pay you good and it will help you defame your name. Faltu says oh no! When? There is a big event here. They say it is at 4pm so Raja bhai will get upset if you don’t come so be free by 3pm then we will pick you up. Faltu says I will have to do it. Ayaan comes out but misses to see Rocky. Ayaan goes to Rocky’s room but doesn’t find Rocky. Suddenly the light goes off so he lies on the bed.

Rocky comes and thinks how he has to remove all these wigs and all in darkness only. Rocky turns into Faltu when Ayaan says you are here Rocky? Faltu is shocked and scared. Faltu tries to be silent and wear the wig. Ayaan says why aren’t you saying? Faltu says yes I am. Ayaan gets up and comes close. Wig ges set but Faltu doesn’t find the moustaches. Faltu worries. Rocky says I got scared as some unknown guy is in my room. Ayaan says you are acting like a girl. Rocky says I was going to jump on my bed to sleep so whether it be girl or boy anyone could have got hurt. Ayaan says why are you standing showing your back? Rocky worries and puts a hanky on his face and sneezes. Rocky says I have cold so don’t want you to get it. Lights come and Rocky worries more.

Rocky says did Tanisha throw you out of the room because of the games? Ayaan says no, actually whenever I feel low I come to this room, my old room, and don’t worry I won’t get cold so easily. Rocky makes Ayaan leave when Rocky sees the kiss mark on Ayaan’s neck. Rocky sends Ayaan away. Then Faltu thinks maybe Tanisha and Ayaan are coming closer. Next day, Rocky suggests to burn all the hatred or bad habits in the Holika Dahan by writing them on chits. Everyone agrees. Ayaan gets happy to see Gujiya and says I have started loving Gujiya’s when I ate it in Ittarpur. Everyone gets shocked but Rocky says so eat it. Ayaan tastes it and says it’s so good. Ayaan goes into flashback remembering the first time Faltu fed him Gujiyas made by her. Kinshuk says I want to kiss Rocky’s hand for making so tasty food. Rocky and Kinshuk play chase and run. Suddenly, Rocky bumps into Kanika and her phone falls. Rocky says sorry and picks up the phone.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rocky gets into Kanika’s room to check her phone when Tanisha comes there.

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